Your Power of Vision

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Do you have a clear vision of who you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there?

This is a question I believe not enough people ask themselves, which results in them not achieving what they want and thus never getting where they want to go. 

As human beings we all have our own power of vision if we are given the opportunity to think about it and how to manifest it into our lives. Most people go along in life without realising that if there is something that they really want to do or have, all they have to do is imagine it so they can then create it.  The intentions they put on this is often the opposite of what they really want to manifest though.

So, I wonder, what your vision is.  Do you have one?  Do you believe it is achievable?  Have you considered how you can make it a reality?

9d01d63182fcc5b590dd325de359669cYour vision must be clear and concise for it to be manifested exactly as you see it in your thoughts.  Having CLARITY and PASSION for your vision is what will bring it about.

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To create your own vision for your life can be empowering and give you the sense of doing something outstanding using your own innate given gifts.  If the vision is to make a difference in the world, no matter what it is, your passion will fuel it into something even bigger and brighter.

We attract to our lives the thoughts that we have. What we think about and what we put out there with our thoughts, words and deeds are what becomes our own reality.  So, are you using the law of attraction to have what is yours to have?

When you vision is clear, precise and exact it becomes a seed that you sow in your memory that will grow as it is watered.  How you water it with your thoughts and actions is what will create it to flourish and become something that will transform many that come into contact with it in their journey of life, no matter how positive or negative that thought is.

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The world of quantum physics and neuroscience have come together to explain how this happens.

In quantum physics one learns to understand how our small world operates, even though we cannot see it with our own eyes.  Our world is broken into two parts … one we can see and the other we can’t.  Science has proved that these two are interconnected at all levels even if we can’t see them, or totally understand the connection.

ee6ebb4d25fee68f72fdf6c79e6db5b7Isaac Newton’s physics shows us how to navigate our physical world whilst quantum physics helps us to understand the non-physical world of total connectedness.

Quantum research has taught us to understand that whatever we focus on and become emotional about will be manifested.  So, by focusing on your vision, the easier and faster it will become real, in your physical reality, acting like a magnet to create what you have created in your mind, whether good or bad.

As everything is vibration, know and understand that a positive vibration created the goodness around you and a negative vibration will manifest things you do not want to have in your life.  We become whatever or whomever we surround ourselves with as our environment makes us who we are.  You will attract whatever vibration level you are playing on.  By focusing our brain on what we really want we can attract what we want by automatically increasing the amps of our cellular vibration.

The universe creates, by natural law, precisely and in perfect order what we put out into the world.  The more we can KNOW what we want, the easier it is to manifest no matter how big the gap is between where we are now and where we want to go.  It will always come together if we focus on the vision as natural law will fill the gap automatically.

It is important that YOUR intentions are pure as you can only create what you imagine.  The vision you have in your mind will become real when you power it up as best you can so that the universe can manifest what you want in all areas of your life.

Without clarity, vision and passion you more than likely will create an unfulfilled life of disappointment and disillusionment.  So begin today to create what you want and long for, so you can be your very best.

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