Why Trust Is Important in Small Business

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why-trust-is-important-in-small-businessfTrust in business, especially small business, is a vital ingredient for survival.

Usually our intuition makes us aware of the level of trust with others when we connect with them.  For some it is obvious that there is a relationship that has potential as soon as we meet.  With others, it may take time to develop a relationship that will be built on trust, as we learn about each other in time.  I believe, the critical factor in business is trust.

We instinctively know if we do or do not have trust with someone. In personal relationships it is easier to understand and connect but when it comes to business and the workplace, trust is defined in a different way.

Defining trust in the business world, especially if you employ staff, can be harder to build initially. You are usually thrust with people you do not know and have little in common with, yet you are expected to spend a large amount of time in their presence.  Time will be needed to create a bond that will develop the trust necessary to work together.  The basis in these circumstances will be the effective communication between everyone and the motivation for the work being done.

The truthfulness and transparency of the communication in a business is critical. The presence of a strong, unifying mission and vision of the business is imperative in promoting a trusting environment.  There needs to be a ‘wanting’ of the outcomes so that the environment unifies.

I find that becoming part of a business mastermind group can help you develop trust faster than anything else.  You have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, grow a connection and trust level that will support you to grow your business at the pace you wish.  Business networking is another way to develop trust, but not as rapidly or to the extent of masterminding.

As the world is a rapidly changing place, especially as the internet is now such a large part of our world, with social media taking it to many different levels, we need to ask a few questions along the way.  Where once we saw business and private lives as separate things, it is now more open than ever before, with people being able to find out as much as they need to know on anyone who is active on the net.  To be in business, you need to be active, especially if you are a small business owner and want to grow and build your brand.

The integrity of the business is critical and must start from the leadership and filter down.  It must also be seen as an integral part of the business by the world at large.  The level of trust will be seen and received through the messages given not only by the people attached to it, but by the influence it gains via the internet and its customers.

When trust exists in a business or in a relationship, almost everything else is easier and more comfortable to achieve.  Individually though we perceive trust differently dependent on our own experiences.

Trust is all about being honest and telling the truth, even if it is difficult at times.  Being truthful, authentic and trustworthy in your dealings with customers, clients and staff will move your business further ahead than most, as many are not even aware that they need to embrace a trust factor in their business.

So, be a step ahead, make sure your clients, customers and business acquaintances are all aware of your business mission and vision, and of the important values that you and your business are based on.

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