Who controls your life?

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who-controls-your-lifeWho controls you and your life?  I hope that you will say YOU, and if not, you would like to understand this better. Wanting to take back this part of yourself, your self-talk along with your pride and courage, is the first step.

We all have two real choices in all situations, whether to say YES or NO.

If you are saying what you really want to say in every situation, you are free from being controlled.  Of course this is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes a MAYBE is needed, as making a decision at that moment is not appropriate.  This is turn may be a form of control, that you use, on the other person. Remember though, whether it is a yes or no, it is our own personal responsibility to accept this as our answer.

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I see many angry people who are trying to control others and sometimes hurt them, as this is their only way that they can remain in charge of any situation.  I am sure you know some of these people too.  You may or may not be aware though of how they are controlling you and future outcomes.

People we know are not the only ones who control us.  This also happens through governments, taxes, laws and rules, landlords, workplaces and maybe neighbours etc.  With these we cannot always have the control of our lives we want, and we have to accept that, knowing that we do have the ability to respond as best we can in an appropriate manner that will support us to get what we want as much as possible.  We can often negotiate with the above authorities to get the outcomes we need to progress forward though.

Here, in this article, I am talking about our own control of our lives and our personal interactions.  We have no ability to control how others think or feel.  We only have that ability to do for ourselves.

Not being personally controlled is only one side of the story, as not controlling others is the reverse.

Understanding this takes the ability to see anything from another’s perspective to create good outcomes for everyone.  Money used incorrectly can be a manipulator and controller too.  When we have it and others don’t, we can become the person who saves people and this in turn can create other challenges.  I learned a long time ago never to lend money or possessions expecting to have them returned.  This I found, more often than not, an unreal expectation, recognising that if I gave someone something and it was not returned, then it was a gift.  Others do not necessarily hold the same value on money or possessions that personally I as an individual do.

Not being controlled is freedom.  And, having freedom in our lives is not always easy.  We have to work towards what it is we want.  This work may be in many guises.  We need to make an effort to accomplish what we want. Nothing is handed to us and it is our responsibility to ourselves to create and perform what is necessary for the outcomes we want, that we call FREEDOM!

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To have that freedom we need to create the energy to move forward.  To have that energy we need to do things physically, mentally and emotionally creating the awareness and self-awareness that is necessary to make whatever we want a reality.

There are only two things in life that make us do what we want … we do it with love or we do it with fear.  By becoming aware of ourselves and how we each perform and react from the ‘love’ and/or ‘fear’ aspect, will teach us about ourselves.  We are only able to make this happen by moving toward self-mastery and that takes time and energy to create it.  This in itself is a self-discipline that takes years.  We can attract into our life whatever we want using the ‘law of attraction’ concept.  Until we can master our internal world we will be unable to attract into our world what we really want.

We all have the opportunity to be a slave to our life, or the master of it.

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