What is Loyalty?

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Loyalty is an important and imperative value to some, and to others, not!

For all of us, our values are different, with each value carrying a different level of importance.

What are your values, and is loyalty one of them?

What is your loyalty worth?  For me personally, it is everything but not so for others. Loyalty is the essence of the person who shows loyalty to another, an organisation or a cause through their commitment, through thick and thin!

Loyalty can’t be bought.  Many mistake it so, and find in the end they are the loser. They show their loyalty until it is no longer relevant or needed, for whatever reason. This is not someone who is committed to loyalty, as a high value,  under all circumstances.  It is not something that is hot or cold … it either is, or it isn’t!

I have personally found that loyalty has been given whilst there was a need for another.  On reflection, I didn’t see that I was being used for another’s gain. I have trusted to my own detriment, in both business and personal.

Is natural trust something that you personally do too?  I feel that this is a lesson I have learned after much heartache, searching and disappointment from both males and females.  When there is an agenda connected to loyalty, it is no longer loyalty, but using another for self-gain.

Being loyal is not about ‘what can you do for me’, it is about being there to support in whatever way is necessary, without the expectation of receiving anything in return, other than the loyalty of the person. It is about unwavering personal support.  Disloyalty is the absence or loss of loyalty and in both business and personal relationships seen as the betrayal.

People talk about loyalty from a client perspective.  This is something that happens when the client receives what they asked for and in the way they requested it.  Loyalty comes in the essence of repeat business and in the end, friendship on some level.  It is not about how much money can come into my bank account. It is not about whether you are a member of my tribe or not. It is not about what you give or do for me.  Loyalty is an essence of you, that you give to another in the form of trust.

In times of war, loyalty is of the utmost importance.  People who gain the loyalty of their men/women have leadership qualities, charisma and inspire those around them to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  They follow without question for the safety of everyone around them, including themselves.

In general daily use, it can be considered faithfulness and devotion to a philosophy, a country, a cause or a group.  It is the strong feeling of committed support and allegiance that is given to another, which is unwavering.  It is not something that comes and goes on a whim.

Personally, for the individual in daily life, it is about making someone or something a priority as is required in meaningful ways, without expectation from the other.  It is about being true and showing support when other things require attention.  It requires communication through discussion by making sure the other understands and is heard when things need to be discussed.  It is about commitment and open-mindedness because you care.  Everything needs to be on the table and open for full discussion, no matter how painful that may be.

Are you loyal to the people around you or are you loyal only when life goes your way?

These are good questions to ponder on for greater clarity on whether or not this is a strong value that makes or breaks your relationships with people around you.  Loyalty is a two-way street.

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