What is Love?

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There are many different paths in life and love that we can take.  The longest and hardest is often for most people, the path to the heart.  Surrender to it and you will move forward faster in your own learnings of life.  We are all here to love and learn.  So, what is love?

By understanding that love means very different things to different people is important.  Some find it easier to love, especially if they grew up and felt secure within their early life.  For those who didn’t, love can be a harder emotion to understand or express.

If we haven’t experienced deep love as a child in some form, how can we possibly understand it as we get older?  How can we know what it is and how it feels?  What experiences have we to judge it by?  Have we been so hurt from lack of love that it frightens us on a deeper level?  If this is so, one may become a narcissist and wreak havoc in others lives.

These are all good question to ask ourselves.  There are seven different types of love, all having their own place.  I can say ‘I love you’ to one person and have a very different meaning to saying the same three words to someone else.


I can love someone from very deep inside of me but also love someone else platonically.  The emotion attached to each type of love is different.  Love is a force of nature that you have no control over.  We can’t take it away, demand or command it to do what we want.  It is a force within itself that can’t be told what it can and can’t do.  Just like the wind and the rain.  Real love is unconditional.

Real love comes from the heart.  It is bigger than us.  It is not something we can dictate how, when and where we create it.  We can invite it in, but that is all.  It can overwhelm us without us even wanting and wishing it to happen. It is unpredictable, strikes like lightening and is irrefutable. You can love someone and not really like them.  So goes the saying, ‘Love is blind’.  It is this in so many ways as we will give our all for it.  It can’t be bought, sold or traded in any way. It is what it is, so embrace it as there are no conditions, stipulations, addenda or codes that go with it.   Like the sun, it radiates independently our fears and desires.

Love is a law among itself!  The ancient Greeks, whilst looking for wisdom and understanding found seven different varieties of love that most of us will experience at some point in life.  There may be only one word for ‘LOVE’ but the meanings are quite different in their expression.

Eros:  Love of the body. Eros was the Greek God of love and sexual desire.

Philia:   Love of the mind. Also known as brotherly love, Philia represents the sincere and platonic love.

Ludus:   Playful love.  Game playing and an uncommitted love.

Pragma:  Longstanding love.  A practical, mutually beneficial relationship.

Agape:    Love of the soul.  It’s faithfulness, commitment, and an act of the will towards man.

Philautia:   Love of the self.   This could be high esteem and self-compassion from a positive aspect OR narcissistic, feeling superior to others, arrogant and egotistical from the negative.

Storge:   Love of the child.  A natural love and affection of a parent for their child.

These each have their place in our lives and the more we experience the greater depth of ourselves we will learn.

I wonder how you see or express your love.

Have you ever thought about it and pondered on how you see and express your own love relationships?

When you speak of love, do you think of your partner, your children, your mother, a friend or do you remember past hurts or current joys?

Love is a natural way of living and being.  By understanding the deeper parts of love one can learn more about oneself and how to relate to the world.

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