What is a GURU?

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I hear people speak often about guru’s and THEIR Guru in particular. I believe we now live in a time when we need to get our own learning from within. At this time of evolution, I feel that we are developing enough to be able to go into that space WITHIN, if we want. It is our own true nature hidden within us that we are searching and have the ability to find if we make the time and effort to do so.

I see the word ‘GURU’ as four letters … spell it out aloud for yourself.

You are you! Your innate wisdom is filed away deeply within you and you have a responsibility to yourself to search it out to find your own truth and true purpose.

A guru to most people is a spiritual teacher who helps one to see the way clearer and faster than you may find yourself. If you are not ready to learn, you will not hear their message in the context it is given until the time is right.

It is easy to sit away from the world and reflect in a like-minded or peaceful place, but I do believe we are here to live in our physical body and learn from the experiences that we are given.

Wikepedia says: Guru (Devanagari गुरु) is a Sanskrit term for “teacher” or “master”, particularly in Indian religions. The Hindu guru-shishya tradition is the oral tradition or religious doctrine or experiential wisdom transmitted from teacher to student. In the United States, the word guru is a newer term, most often used to describe a teacher from the Hindu tradition. In the West some derogatory interpretations of the word have been noted, reflecting certain gurus who have allegedly exploited their followers’ naiveté, due to the use of the term in certain new religious movements.

Here is the meaning of the original word ‘guru’. Work with your shadow side and bring forth the changes you are here to learn about to hone your own self.

 Hindu scriptures say:

The syllable gu means shadows
The syllable ru, he who disperses them,
Because of the power to disperse darkness
the guru is thus named.       —  Advayataraka Upanishad 14—18, verse 5

By finding messages deep within your own being, that your soul yearns for you to find and heal, the peace and understanding you will receive will help you and your own growth. Reflect back on what was taught to you as a child in your growing years, maybe from parents, grandparents, a teacher or favourite aunt. Go back and find the wisdom that was given to you. It will help set you free as your awareness grows and your self-awareness understanding becomes deeper.

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Then, go back and find your own truth that came with you when you were born.

Ask yourself these questions. Why do I believe this?

How does it serve me?

What is my reason for being here at this time of world evolvement?

Who do I want to be?

Where do I want to go?

Whom do I need to surround myself with?

Am I in the right place now?

Does my heart sing?

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By pondering on these and more questions we can find our answers. I am not saying for one moment that we necessarily like the answers. Especially when we recognise we are in the wrong place, with the wrong people, or have made decisions that are not serving us today in our life.

We are all human. We all make mistakes and I believe deep within that we all have the same trials and tribulations to some degree. It is what we do with them. Are we letting them rule us or are we taking responsibility and learning from them?

Are we a victim to our circumstances?

Do we want to change things that are now comfortable but painful?

Are we acting out old patterns which no longer have a place in our world?

There comes a time when we have to not put ourselves out there for others who are unable to meet us in the middle. We are here to learn and evolve, with the first big step supporting us to find our place with like-minded people and move away from those whose lives are not in synch with us.

We all have our own shadow side. By understanding this part of us we can learn to delve deeper into what we are here on this earth plane to do and thus hone our soul. Acknowledge this part of ourselves, love and forgive it and allow the learning to come forth.

I know that there are many things for me that I know and understand from an intellectual view point but find difficult to crack open from an emotional one. This in itself is my learning so that I can conquer what needs to be conquered.

There are many useful self-development tools that we can use to find this out but it takes time. Sometimes it takes a very long time, to delve into the abyss and clear the old memories and make them into positives that will serve us better.

Discernment is one of the most difficult things for me this life time and the more I search for my answers the deeper I tend to go. I am learning to make judgements slower and discover that wonderful word NO! For many or us, this can be a challenge especially when saying ‘yes’ is an automatic answer, learned when very young.

As souls we are destined to be perfect. This is not something that happens. It takes many lifetimes to attain this perfection and every day we are given the opportunity to perfect ourselves through the results of our actions and thoughts. Some people look for outside help to attain this, and that is when they search for ‘their guru’. It is up to us all to shape our own destiny and for many, a spiritual advisor will support this.

I often advise people to be careful when they find or perceive someone to be their teacher, healer, practitioner etc. Many times we can become addicted to the individual and not see that they are human too, carrying their own baggage as well. Usually this person is one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in certain areas. This person needs to be used as a guide only to teach us how to go within to find your own answers. In everyday life this is often a person who may be a business leader or school teacher who imparts their knowing and understanding. In a higher sense (spiritually) it is important to be aware that the ‘teacher’ is on their own path, not ego-driven and has the ability to lead the student to a higher understanding of themselves and their path.

This ‘teacher’ is the person who gives us the ability to really see ourselves, who becomes our mirror by reflecting our own inner self for us so we can see ourselves clearly. This is usually a difficult path as self-growth is not easy and takes times.

We will detour often, sometimes getting very lost. With help we can get back on track and do the work we need to do to navigate our journey more easily. If you can get someone to reflect back to you skilfully, with an awakened mind, you will see what is required easier.

Learning to open your mind to new understanding and your heart to love and no judgement, will free you to become the true expression of your life and your own truth.

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