What can we control in life?

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what-can-we-control-in-lifeIn life we can only control certain things that relate to us personally. Most people work hard at doing their best to control other people and circumstances, which of course is impossible.  Managing our everyday life and experiences can be a full time job in itself.

We tend to have complications at times. This can be at work, or in both personal and business relationships.  Often family can create even more challenges as we struggle to learn the different personalities that are not naturally harmonious.

Knowing what we want from life can be the first step forward in taking control of ourselves as individuals.  Our everyday lives have enough things that we need to control ourselves so that we have a relaxed, open and peaceful life.  If we want, we can create the dramas, and that is an option, if that is how we want to play our life.

I do believe that how our life creates is a result of our thinking on how we relate to the outside world around us.  If we can find the peace within, the outside will not affect us, as we will then be able to do what we need to do to roll with whatever is happening.

Within our reach is pure happiness and success.  These are both defined differently as a result of each person’s own view of the world.  By learning how to change our habits in our daily routine can sometimes be enough to bring about the necessary changes for a near stress free life.

Firstly, we need to identify that we are creating our world as we see it at this moment in time.  Do we want to change that?  If so, learn how to do it so that your life gives you the freedom to be who you want to be and who you truly are.

It can be easy to blame the world, our family, our friends, our jobs or our upbringing.  Once we become an adult, it is up to us to change whatever does not work for or suit us.  If any of these things are holding us back from being our ‘true self’ I say ‘deal with it!’  Everything else is an excuse and each lesson will become harder until one day, it is just too hard!! That is when something has to give.

For those who are victims and live in a world of negativity do so as a result of their thinking.  These are just excuses not to make the change.  We were all born perfect and even though our early lives created who we became, is not a good enough excuse not to change, no matter how hard or difficult it may seem.

Every day we make decision on what we will and won’t do.  Each of these decision have either a positive, negative or neutral result.  The more we can make the positive decision and choices the happier our life will become.  These start with the little things we do daily from what we eat, how we spend our time, how we exercise or how often we even watch TV.  Every decision we make brings us closer to what you want, if only for starters in how we feel about ourselves.

I suggest that if you start of letting go of everything in your life you can’t control and master what you can, the better you will be.  Everything we do is a choice … are you choosing well?

So, learn to work with the things you can control and master them for yourself.

We take breathing for granted.  We do it all the time in every moment of our life, as without oxygen we will die.  I suggest that you start being aware of your breath by focussing on it.  Are you breathing correctly?  Most of us don’t and learning the correct technique to get the most amount of oxygen necessary can be an art.  Correct breathing is an art and from childhood often we loose the natural way to breathe.

Watching your self-talk is another thing we need to become conscious of too.  Do you have that little voice in your head that criticises you and what you do?  This is negative self-talk and learning how to recognise when you are doing it and replacing it with something positive takes time and effort.  Learn how to monitor and you will find that your happiness and success levels will rise.

Learning to become and have greater gratitude is another practice that will change your life.  If you can work with this and become aware of how blessed you are really, again your happiness and productivity will increase.

If you start with these three things you will find that you levels of control in your life will improve.  To be in charge of everything you do, knowing that you are responsible for every thought, deed and action is the beginning of taking control of your life.

Note that I am talking about taking control of your life, NOT other peoples.  We can’t control anyone else, only ourselves.

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