Trust Your Journey

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Trust Your Journey

Learning to trust your journey is not always an easy one, if trust is an issue that you have as a result of early learnings. I was so very blessed to have been showered with total unconditional love from the day I was born. For me, ‘trusting too much’ has become my issue to learn this time round. Trusting too much can sometimes be just as damaging as trusting too little. I am learning about discernment.

So, whatever it takes, you need to learn to trust your journey, if you want to fulfil your destiny and have happiness in your life.

Your life may not be perfect, but be grateful for the people and experiences that happen along the way. Be thankful for what you have now and what you will manifest in the future. These people who test you are the ones who are supporting you to learn what you came to earth to learn.

Grow through your experiences. These will show you the way that is better for you if you listen hard enough. Learning to listen and feel the answers can be a lifelong experience for many. So, listen carefully.

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There is always something you must know and learn. Life loves you enough to live as you, to breathe through you and to express itself as you. Learn how to honour, cherish, and enjoy your life as it is what you have chosen. It is your love for you that your soul is calling you to remember. Learn how to sit silently and ask to be filled with its love.

We do not know what tomorrow will bring as we can only live and experience what is happening now, in this moment of time. It is your journey and only you can do it. Others can walk with you but they can’t walk it for you. Find and listen to the inner part of you that is there to guide you. Move into your heart and out of your mind and inner peace will show itself to you.

For all of us our lives are a message to others, and to be fully who we are we need to make it both inspiring and noticed. We are all powerful with a job to do whilst we are in this lifetime.

We have all been chosen to be here on earth to discover our own journey. Do you know what your path is yet? Living someone else’s life is not what will make you happy. You need to find your own and live it to its fullest through all the ups and downs that come our way. These are your opportunities to grow and become the powerful being you wanted to be when you ventured here onto this earth plane.

Sometimes we get to a point in our lives of no return, even though we have done and given all we thought we could. This is the time when we need to remember, that maybe it is time to move on and learn another lesson. When we have taken all we can take, learned all we could learn and taught all we could teach, then we need to reassess where we are and what the next step in our journey is to be. There is nothing wrong with getting to this point of discovery. If we have completed, we will move onto another plane easily.

This is a point that I have come to personally this year and have made an about turn returning to a place that I inhabited a long time ago. I am coming back with different views and experiences to travel forward on my path of self-discovery. It is exciting to know that my path of learning from where I was is now over so that I can again take the next curve on my road in this existence. How blessed I am to know that I am on the right road again. Being at the crossroads is such a wonderful discovery.

We all have our own journey to travel, unable to do it for others, no matter how much we wish we could. The feeling of wanting to help and support when we see the loneliness or darkness in a ‘perfect light’ of someone’s being is a great gift. Learning not to enable another takes time to understand and break one’s own pattern of addiction. We can only do for ourselves, not for another.

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Trust Your Journey1What a beautiful saying this is … “The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.” by Yogi Bhajan.

Are you enjoying every moment of your life? Being on purpose will give you the opportunity to enjoy more if you want. I believe we are here to live in JOY by ENJOYING!

Learning to trust is to show strength, faith and hope. Find it within so you can be true to your own spirit and accomplish what your destiny is for this time of your soul’s evolution.

Recognising that true happiness comes from within is the gift you give yourself. It is important to understand that life is not about wasting time and effort looking outside ourselves for peace and contentment. We need to find it and our own inner joy within.

Our life is about giving not getting. Once you discover the joy of giving you will recognise that by giving to others, you can’t help but have it for yourself!

You are a unique being with gifts to share with the world. Go out and give as much and as often as you can and your life will be made full.

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