This Too Shall Pass

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What a great saying this is.  It is a great reminder that no matter what is happening in this moment, it will change.  This proverb indicates that all material conditions, positive or negative, are temporary.


If we can keep this in mind, when things are not going as well as we would like or are disastrous, it helps reflect that nothing stays the same.  It appears that the original writing of this line are from the medieval Persian Sufi poets and down through the ages have been used by many.  President Lincoln used this saying as a mantra to support him through the stresses of troubled times with his family and during his administration.  Today’s teacher Eckhart Tolle is the latest person to be using these words as a mantra and in his latest book  too.

This was one of my grandmothers favourite sayings of which I heard often.  She was a very wise woman who through her own experience knew that it was just time that either the experience would have changed or the worry would not have been worth it!  We have such fruitful imaginations, and I know this one well personally, that we self-create events or situations long before they happen.

Being reminded that every thought and situation in life is temporary helps us to get a perspective that will support us to work through any challenge.  It all starts with the thought, which then creates the action, and develops the outcome.  Our mind is unable to tell the difference between the thought and the action.  By thinking something we are more often than not creating it!

Life is all about change, be it in our personal or business life, be it in the seasons or the global economy.  It is the art of knowing and learning how to adapt and allow things to happen in their correct timing.

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The feelings we have associated with our lives are all temporary to some extent.  We can make situations work for or against us.  It is our choice what we do with each one of these as they happen.  The powerful influence of our feelings is what can make or destroy us and our world.

Our frame of mind is what will support us when we are either struggling with something in our life or when good things are happening.  The good passes just as the bad, so by recognising that there is no permanence in anything will help support us to move on.

If we can learn not to judge ourselves or a situation we are in, be they positive or negative, by seeing that what is happening is only temporary, as things will inevitably change.  By recognising that nothing is forever, be it a form or a feeling, we can see that a change will happen in its appropriate timing.  Life is only temporary!

When we become aware and understand that nothing can stay the same we start to understand what abundance is all about, in all its forms, without a fear of loss.

Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever

finally comes to realise that nothing really belongs to them.

                                                                                — Paulo Coelho

How well this is said by Paulo Coelho.  A gentle reminder that can have profound effects when we really understand it and its meaning.

The words ‘this soon shall pass’ are really revealing that life is infinite, by pointing out that all experiences in life are only temporary.  Every moment in time changes.  Nothing can stay the same in physical form, thoughts or feelings.  By being aware that every thought, feeling, emotion and situation is temporary for that moment and it is in our power to change it as we want.  If we try to hang onto these moments, as life ebbs and flows, we will find that we will be impacted greatly, and usually through discomfort, pain and grief or loss.

When we recognise that change is inevitable we can relax and flow with it.  If we don’t, we get knocked as a result of non-acceptance of the change.  This may be a relationship, job, business or a loss/death of a loved one.  You will become sad, frustrated and or disappointed as a result and the process can become frightening as you do your best to find your reality and get back on track.  The aim is to gain clarity as best you can so you can move forward again and be in a positive present moment.

We are blessed with life and our journey throughout it as it is up to us how we make it happen.  We need to have adversity and experience that will push and pull us so that we can be shaped into the best we can become.  During these times of challenge we do not see the big picture of what is to come in the future, so we do not always let the experience happen in its own fullness of time.  Instead, we do our best to block it in whatever way we can.  Hindsight is such a wonderful thing at the end and often we question ourselves as to why we put ourselves through such adversity!  All experiences, whether frustrating, disappointing or pleasant will come and pass, so patience is needed to allow the process to happen!  This is wisdom in a higher form.

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One of the great character traits that we can gain by embracing life and its impermanence is to recognise that we will become more resilient as we allow ourselves to flow through our life’s journey.  We all know that life has its ups and downs and is in a constant flux so moving with it and allowing life to happen will give us less grief than fighting the unwanted  inevitable outcomes.  Remembering that whatever happens, will soon pass or change and become but a distant memory.

I ask you to consider what you were doing twelve months ago and if it was in trauma or absolute delight, how is that making a difference to your life today?  More than likely whatever happened then has resolved or changed itself and you have moved on taking the experience with you.  Often, what happened yesterday or last week is now unimportant too.  Allowing the past to be the past, knowing that you are unable to change it, is a gift given to us to embrace.

Are you still wondering what the saying ‘This Too Shall Pass’ really means?

What I am doing my best to portray here is that if you learn not to judge any situation you are in, especially if it is painful, sad or disappointing, being aware of saying to yourself ‘this soon shall pass’ will support you to recognise that the feeling, emotion, thought or situation is only temporary and will pass.  Learn that acceptance is the way forward. By resisting you will only create more of what you do not want for you and your future.

Remember, there are no guarantees or certainties in life.  We will reap what we sow.  We are what we think and believe.  If you go into self-blame and wallow in the ‘what if’s’ you will only prolong the process of not living in flow.  Life is not always as we want it to be so accept it and move onto a more positive way of living.

Next time you feel that things are not the way you want them to be, are upset or disappointed, stressed or worried, remind yourself, ‘This Too Shall Pass’.

Create this as your daily mantra as say it as often as you can over 30 days and watch what happens.  Your life will change and become more positive and worthwhile.

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