The ‘Wake-Up’ Call

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The ‘Wake-Up’ Call

As human beings we will all come to a time, unless we have already been there, that we will get the ‘Wake-Up’ call. I personally know of no-one who has not had to go down this road at some time in their life or who will not need to in the future.

This is a time when our lives get so hard that we are given no option but to change ourselves, our thinking and the way we see the world.

Unfortunately, we appear to have to go to our depths before we wake up and recognise that we need to change our lives if we are to have less pain and unhappiness in it!

For many people, myself included, this appears to comes from a health and or relationship perspective. Once the pain gets bad enough we have to start considering what it is that we have created that is causing us to suffer so very much.

We are all in control of what happens to us. If it is hard, we need to start asking the question WHY?

I believe that this is a time when we have the opportunity to start questioning our own life and how we have lived it up until this juncture. We need to ask the What, Where, How and Why questions of ourselves as we are the one who has created where we are at.

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Understanding what OUR PURPOSE (WHY) is, what are we doing that is stopping that to happen, along with what are we here to do or create, where will we find it, and WHY is it important, will give us a start to finding ourselves.

Blame is the usual thing that we have used to overcome in the past. It is someone else’s problem, mistake, various emotions etc that make our life the way it is!

Until we accept that it is not someone else but ourselves who has the challenge we will not be free. Our life is our own responsibility, not someone else’s. We have created it whether we like to admit it or not.

Whilst we allow other people to ‘push our buttons’ and we react, we will not be free to live a full healthy life.

It is time to listen and surrender to something greater, be it our higher self, God, the universe, Source or energy. There is something greater than us, the mere mortal! It is different for each of us, and it is our responsibility to find it, if we do not already understand that there is something greater than ourselves.

Until you ASK, it will not be given! Often we beg or pray for it to change too and if this is done with sincerity, everything will change. It is in the surrendering and asking that miracles do happen.

Uncovering our why we have created such a mess in our life is the GIFT that we are blessed to find, if we look hard enough. It is there, and until we call on that ‘something greater’ to support us, we will not find it or be free of the burdens that are creating havoc in our world.

If we don’t like where we are at, change it. I know that this is a simple sentence and that todo this it is a hard long road for many, and I speak through experience of having been there myself about 30 years ago. It was tough! The only way I was going to get what I needed to get was to follow through on my own personal development to find what actions my life created to make it so very miserable and me so helpless.

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I was able to show the world that I had my life together, but inside I was dying! I was very unhappy, unfulfilled, unwell and challenged in my personal world. My business life appeared to be all kosha but for me personally it wasn’t! I believed it was someone else’s fault that I was so miserable and unhappy. I was into blame, when in fact, I was in control to change it whenever I wanted.

This is the time when COURAGE comes to the fore. We need to have courage to move forward, to become true to ourselves and acknowledge where we have let not only others but ourselves down by not being REAL!

Moving on is not easy. When we start to really look inside and deal with any baggage that we have in our life, we have to accept that we have created our part in this at this moment.

We need to become responsible for our own world, learn forgiveness of others and ourselves, to learn to give rather than take, to become positive rather than negative along with many other things.

I hear people ask the question ‘Where do we start?’

My answer always is, ‘understand that you and your life are a reflection of what you have created!’ Once you have understood this and wish to change it, then the healing can start.

I am reminded now of the seven heavenly virtues (of course there are many more). Until we understand where we fit into these and know which of the seven deadly sins we have lived, we will find it hard to move forward . Admitting to ourselves who we really are is a hard one, as we all believe we are the one who is okay!

Seven Heavenly VirtuesGlossSeven Deadly Sins
KindnessSatisfaction, loyalty, compassion, integrityEnvy
TemperanceHumanism, justice, honour, abstentionGluttony
 CharityWill, benevolence, generosity, sacrifice Greed
 Chastity Purity, knowledge, honesty, wisdom Lust
 Humility Bravery, modesty, reverence, altruism Pride
 Diligence Persistence, effort, ethics, rectitude Sloth
 Patience Mercy, sufferance Frustration

I suggest that you take a look at the above and see where you fit into the plan

Remember, when moving forward, FEAR is really false evidence appearing real.

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