The path of business and life is not a straight line

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the-pathHave you ever wondered why your life sometimes just doesn’t go as planned?

Sometimes the road travelled is not the one we need to be on.  We all venture through life on our daily adventures with ups and downs as life ebbs and flows for us all.

No-one has a life that is plain sailing. It is all about how we see, feel and experience what is happening around us that creates our life and how it presents.

We can live in a world with optimism and know that the down times will change with time, or we can see the world as a place where everything goes wrong.  Nothing is constant.  The only thing that we create is our mindset.  If we expect gloom and doom, that is exactly what we will get.

As business owners we need to understand that our days often will be as below.  Learning to flow with business, understanding that there will be both good and bad times, is essential.

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I find many micro and solo entrepreneurs do not plan for the times when there will be little or no business income.  For example, holiday times, forced and unforced.  If we expect our business to be different in December and January, we need to be prepared.  I suggest that working on a 40 week cycle of income creation over the year supports and helps better budgetting.

Our lives, as well as our businesses, have a seasonal ebb and flow which we have no control over.

Do you have a ‘One Page Business Plan’ which covers all areas of business, to support you to stay on track which is broken four quarters?  If not, ask me how as this then can be updated easily every three months to make sure things are flowing as necessary.

I find that the business  owner who is self-aware, and understands how they themselves think and operate, have a better business and life flow.  By understanding our own mindset we can change and view the world from a different perspective.

I love supporting business owners to know and understand themselves better so that they can get more from their life through self-knowledge and self-awareness.

How prepared are you mentally and emotionally to withstand the rocky road of life and business?

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