The Crossroads of Life

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This year of 2015 for me has been a year of change. By May I was at the crossroads again after having been unwell for some time and in much need of taking time out. It was time to start to look again at the new direction my life was and is to take.

This has happened to me on a regular basis over the last 25 years with this being the eighth time ‘Spirit’ has shown me, through pain, it is time to move my direction again. I hear them and make the move easily each time once the lesson comes through.

Getting very ill and having surgery is not usually the best way to learn that things need to change though for most people. For me being who I am, someone who loves their work to the degree of self-harm, I realise that the only way I seem to get my messages is through health and well-being, with ill-health usually taking the advantage. Being ill seems to give me permission to take time out, to smell the roses and recuperate whilst letting the creative juices flow again!


So, here I am again starting over with more energy invigorated to begin to bring something new to the marketplace. Over the years of ‘hitting the wall’ I have developed my best work which has more often than not been something new into the small business world. It usually takes a few years and then I notice that others start to follow the same thread with their own expression added to it.

This time I am discovering that I need to go on-line and global as I had always planned, with a business to get the benefits, without having to be there day in and day out! I love what I do so finding a better way to bring it to the marketplace is the only way to go.

For most solo and micro business owners, being away from their business for some time creates financial hardship. Finding how to not go down this road is new, and now that we have the internet, we are advantaged in as much as we are able to get our information and products on-line. Using Virtual Assistants (VA’s) to support us to do so is also the added bonus of the internet of which I subscribe to wholeheartedly having been using VA’s now for over 4 years.

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Hitting the wall

‘Hitting the wall’ as I put it can be a good thing for many of us. As small business people we find it difficult to get out of our own way often and by being forced to make a change in direction can give us clarity of another or better way to do our business. I know for me, this is my way, and it has over the years been quite a break-through each time.

So, ’hitting the wall’ usually means sudden fatigue and loss of energy. One’s body usually feels weakened, fatigued and The Crossroads of Lifesuffers many symptoms that make them just stop! This takes time to manifest itself but the actual stopping can be quite powerful and disorientating, especially if you are running a business. When crunch time comes, you have to consider things that you had not expected to consider. For example, how can you live financially, who will run your business or will you have to close down?

Personally for me this time I was fortunate to have people continue without me there. My mastermind groups were able to complete their final three months, thanks to my wonderful co-facilitator. Events that were planned were postponed so that I could take rest before commencing again and my VA’s were able to continue on and stream-line for me until I was able to start again in some capacity.

Being ‘burnt-out’ meant that I fell asleep all the time, I was so very tired and my doctor just said ‘total adrenal and mental exhaustion’. My body was nutritionally exhausted too! My memory started to fail and I just kept using the mental willpower that I had used for so long to keep moving on remote control.

Now I know that sensible people out there will be thinking, ‘Is this woman crazy’?

Maybe so, but when you love what you do to such an extent and have people around you that you feel obligated to this becomes all important. Keeping the relationships that you have built intact takes its toll too.

For some people reaching the ‘hitting the wall’ concept it may just be a mental block in their writings, ideas or not knowing where they want to be in the future. It may be physical exhaustion from over exercising or marathon running or a physical body organ challenge. It usually happens suddenly with the effects lasting for a long period of time.

For me, it was a build up over a couple of years. Of course all the signs were there along the way, but in my experience it was a matter of just doing what I wanted to do. I have always wanted it all … the relationship, the work, the business, the people etc. Maybe not the best way to do it, but my learned behaviour continues and now it needs to be changed to being more productive, by doing less and achieving more in the long run!!

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I ‘hit the wall’ after a long period of time when it appears I have come up against an obstacle or challenge continually that stops or impedes my progress usually because I do not listen to what my body is telling me.

As humans we get the ‘whisper in the ear’, then the ‘tap on the shoulder’, and then if we are really stubborn we get the ‘MACK truck’. I often wonder how often I have to go this route in my life? How can I get the message earlier or is it important for me to go this way so that I can have more ‘time-out’ to reflect and self-create?

I consider that if I do not have extended time-out, the messages and lifestyle cannot be changed enough to bring in the ‘new beginning’.

So, I ask you, what is your pattern? Are you smart and do it fast or are you like me, and need to have time and space to reconnect with yourself to gain a new pathway?

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