Stretching Our Mind Through Our Thinking

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We all know what we know. Yet are not aware of what we do not know (consciously) until we are stretching our mind through our thinking.  

I hear people say often, ‘Yes, I know about this or that …’, when in fact they only know very little about the subject. What they know is often very insignificant. This often creates us to think we know much more, when in fact, we don’t know very much at all in the scheme of life.
I am reminded of this wonderful quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

‘The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions’.

Once we learn something new it is impossible to unlearn it in relation to not knowing about it.  We can stop if it is a habit, even though we are still aware of the habit, as it is not controlling us anymore.
We are all unique beings. We all have our own set of innate gifts to give to the world. By understanding these gifts we can expand ourselves and our thinking, to then give to others.
By stretchng our mind, we can grow, learn and become the best we can be.  
We are usually unaware of just how incredible that can be, as we only know what it is we know … so let’s expand our thinking as much as possible!  
It is time to consider that we know very little. By creating the space for new ideas and knowledge to come in consciously, we develop in our own growth.
We now find in the world of life and business that every subject has specialists.  One is no longer ‘just a’ GP, a Lawyer, or an IT person. No matter what it is, there are people who do aspects of every subject that make them specialists.  
We can be a generalist who knows lots about many things, but not in the in-depth knowledge of a particular area. This is something that we master by focussing on one precise area of a subject.
Are you a generalist or a specialist in your field of expertise?  Do you stretch your mind?

Here are some ways to expand your mind and thinking in business:

  1. Focus on the one thing that you love to do most that expands your work
  2. Read more books, listen to more podcasts, watch more videos (personal development, autobiographies, experts on your subject)
  3. Open up to the spiritual/inner side of your life through meditation or mindfulness
  4. Use both the left (logical) and right (creative) sides of your brain
  5. Rest, exercise and nourish your body
  6. Listen to beautiful music and open your imagination
  7. Recall good memories
  8. Use all your senses by heightening them all
  9. Memorise new things eg a song, a book, a new computer tool
  10. Develop new habits that help you grow
  11. Learn and understand how your own brain processes information
  12. Have a thirst for learning new things.

I find it important to endeavour to stretch my mind every day. I also do my best to do so with others, especially my clients, as often as possible.  

Do you do the same?

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