Resistance … why do we resist change?

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Resistance … why do we resist change?

Over the years I have watched people ‘stuck in their crap’. I ask myself, why do they not want to move forward? Is it FEAR of the unknown?

Or is it just the FEAR that is really false evidence appearing real?

I am not saying that I do not get stuck in my life at times, but I am prepared to look at it and make the decision to move forward or sometimes stay with it for the time being. After all I am human too and sometimes I am not ready to give up the pain of moving yet!

People appear in our lives and sometimes we wonder why. They are there to help us grow, to guide, teach and show us another way. I often wonder why I am in some people’s lives and realise that I have something that they can gain from if they want to see it or know it.

Personally I have people who come into my life to do the same for me. The wonderful gift is knowing when it happens and gaining the insights that are given me for my growth and advancement in some perspective.

I do my best to be open to change and willing to do what I need to do to move my life forward. Sometimes this is not as easy as it appears though. I do believe that my life is about becoming the best I can be whilst knowing that ‘all is in divine order’. Understanding this makes life so much easier as I have faith and know that the big plan is greater than I can see or imagine.

Helping others to have this understanding is one I do consciously every day. Helping others to take the leap of faith without fear when they are ready into the unknown is not easy for most people. Being a risk taker to some degree, and full on when it is only me who can be affected, is easy as I am a free agent, responsible only to myself. For those who have a family dependent on them, this will be a much harder decision making process.

We have the choice to embrace this or to stay stuck where we are at the present moment. For many, this will be forever as their fear paralyses them into non-action or they have no self-believe to sustain them to move forward.
Moving forward on our journey is not easy. The road is bumpy more often than not, and to deny the forward path is only denying ourselves the opportunity to grow and become who we want to become. Our plan is mapped out for us prior to incarnation, we just do not remember doing it! We can do life the easy or the hard way. Each opportunity we have is another step forward on our individual journey of life. To become who our soul knows we can become is something we need to push through as much as possible without struggle. As I say, it is not always easy or without its traumas, but it will be worth it in the end if we persist.

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the unknownUnderstanding and living positively has to be practiced and is not as easy as it sounds for most people. If you can be positive continually, this is the signpost to happiness at its highest level. If we can just do it daily, our world will change forever. Becoming the ‘light’ that leads the way for others is a privilege and an opportunity for our own self growth too.
As we move forward in life we look back to where we have been and the reflection of it is nothing more than a memory. We see it as either being easy or difficult. Sometimes we see it in a state of relief knowing that we have moved forward and the struggle is no longer there. Once the struggle is over, the emotional pain evaporates. Only when we are in the situation do we experience the pain. Freedom comes by overcoming and moving into the future for something new and exciting.

I experience people in my work who have no belief in anything other than themselves. For me personally I am yet to know someone who is truly happy who only believes in themselves. I wonder why they have so little trust in others that they are unable to see what is greater than oneself. Is it a pain which is so deep within and a lack of personal trust that creates this? What experiences have they had that makes them hardened to the world by disallowing themselves the experience of trusting, of really loving and creating the greatest gift that happiness can bring a human being? I believe a lack of trust in others is because there is no trust in self.

Having spent the last 25 plus years observing people who lack trust I have come to my own conclusions.

If we go back to looking at what people’s passions and habits are, good and bad, we see the heavenly virtues and deadly sins that I have talked about in the past. By understanding our own virtues and how they fit into our lives we are able to get a better view of ourselves as a person living life.

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So, I ask again, why do we resist change? If you are a leader you are aware that being a leader is about change? There are many ways that people resist change and they manifest that resistance in various ways, dependent on their own habits and style.

It is human to resist as we perceive change as a threat. This is not necessarily true but the perception we have from our past learnings. If we have the courage to go with it the change will be easier rather than hard and a struggle.

Learning to let go of how we see the world is not easy if it is not in our best interest to stay there. Of course we have habits that need to be broken at times and getting out of our own comfort zone, even if it is destructive, can be hard! Our own insecurities and fears are what holds us back in our life.

If we can learn to live our truth consciously, being aware that our truth is our own truth and not necessarily someone else’s, we can then learn how to be authentic and REAL. This is so very important in business today. We need to stand up for what we believe in.

As we get older we become wiser and learning to recognise the wisdom that we gain through our experiences is what makes us who we are. We need to have the experience so that we can then move ourselves forward as easily as possible, without too much resistance.

So, do not allow your resistance to the negativity that is happening in your life to hold you back from being who you really are. If fear is holding you back embrace and allow yourself to move forward with ease and grace.

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