Rediscovering Purpose

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I have been teaching and encouraging people to be on-purpose for what seems a long time now. Supporting them to understand their WHY of life and knowing that without your why, you cannot be fulfilled.

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You are only on-purpose if you are really doing your WHY of life. So, it is time to ask the question again. What is your WHY? What are you here on this earth plan to do? What ripple effect do you want to make so that whatever you do will change the life of others too?


Big questions and they all need reflection as well if you haven’t started to think about it before.
For me, I know I am here to support and help people realise their dreams and aspirations. I know that I have the ability to do that for both myself and the people I come across that need to hear my words and message. I know that I have already changed many lives as a result of being me. I also know that my book on authenticity, trust and integrity resonates with those it needs to resonate with. I know that for me to do my work, I need to be strong and healthy too … now comes the big one, what am I doing to be the strong healthy woman that I know I am?I have had a very big wake-up call lately and realised that I needed to take control of my life again. I gave away my power and cared about my work and clients more than myself. This is something that is so easy to have happen when you lose yourself totally in what you love to do. I have just come through that experience and as wonderful as it is to have experienced what I have, it is a long way back when you get lost in it. One loses one’s own identity without realising it and becomes unhealthy in the way of thinking that does not serve the soul.

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For me I would have given up my purpose, my dreams and my life because I was caught up in the roundabout of business. How foolish was that? I have worked so hard to be who I am and was ready to give it all away without realising I was not looking after me firstly. I am so grateful that I have come to my senses before I did any more damage to myself emotionally and I say a big thank you to my friends and clients for supporting me to get back on track again.

Life is such a complicated experience for most of us. As we go about our lives it is easy to get caught up in the busyness of business. Anyone who has known me for a long time is very aware of how I feel about my work. I now believe that the only solid relationship with self and one’s business is where there is total inter-dependency … where both myself and my business have their own independence but come together for work, which is a separate entity altogether.

WOW … what a great learning that one was.

I gave myself to my business totally forgetting that I needed to look after myself first. I saw myself as my business as my work was what pushed me on to make a difference in the world and to others lives. Now I recognise that without me and my health being in the correct space, I can’t make the difference or support anyone else to be the best that they want to be.

I now am separating myself and my business into two different compartments that come together when necessary. Working from a solitary office makes all the difference for me too as I can then please myself where I want to play!

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