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You are probably asking what NetWeaving is as it is something you have not heard about before now unless you have been part of one of my community or done some training with me in the past.

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NetWeaving’ is a new word in the Australian marketplace.  It is one that was coined and created by Bob Littell from USA and is about creating and building bridges of trust by listening and helping others first.  It is all about the sharing of ideas, opinions and experiences amongst specific groups, creating a community of like-minded people.


For me, NetWeaving is about all the above as well as building relationships without expectation of personal gain by listening to what people want and need.  Traditional networking has always been about making contacts and connections for professional or personal benefit but NetWeaving is more than that.

As a NetWeaver I believe the more we give to others the stronger our relationships and our businesses become – thus a win-win situation for everyone.  Some call it ‘givers gain’, which is another nice way to say it.

By creating a community, it can be a peer-to-peer support network of trusted business owners who freely share knowledge, skills, resources and relationships to build each other’s businesses without expecting anything in return.

NetWeaving eventually helps members become experts at building lifelong personal and business relationships. These will then become new referrals for each person in the community.

NETWAEVING2To be a NetWeaver in business means that you commit to bringing specific ideas to grow your contacts businesses.  This is back to front to how traditionally people network.  This can be easy to implemented quickly if you know how. The key to success in NetWeaving is giving active support and a commitment to implementation.

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As a NetWeaver (a professional networker and community builder), I see the opportunities for people to learn new skills which will kick start not only their businesses but also their personal lives.

To be successful as a networker/ relationship builder/word-of-mouth marketer, one must firstly really like people, want to learn what makes others tick and have a thirst for knowledge with an ability of knowing how to connect people generally.

There are many tools necessary to building relationships, all of which are learnable.  One does need to learn the basics of networking and live them so that they can then become the NetWeaver.

My book ‘Awesome Authenticity – mastering business relationships’ will show you the way to become a successful netweaver by following the rules of networking with the intention of giving without expectation of return.

So, if you wish to become a netweaver yourself, go to today.  It is that easy!!

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