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I wonder how many people are able to appreciate the gifts of life and experiences that have bestowed them during this lifetime.

For me, I marvel every morning and evening on how blessed I was to have the parents, grandparents and people around me, in the past and present. They have moulded me to be the best I can be at this juncture and to become better as experiences, both good and not so good, happen in my life.

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I believe in cause and effect. I know whatever decisions I make I am responsible for the outcomes as a result of these decisions. How else can I get the learnings if I do not experience both the positives and the negatives?

People we let into our lives are sometimes good for us and other times not so good. Understanding the reason for the experience is the gift. I trust in all the opportunities given me, whatever the outcomes. It is only through the not so good experiences that I learn to hone my soul.

I see life as a large faceted diamond with each facet a learning or experience of a new lesson to learn. We can learn it easily or have to continue down the road of experiencing until we get the lesson. Personally for me, I have travelled down many roads, often learning and honing a lesson, needing to be learnt. And I admit, I have often learned screaming and kicking too!

I can look back on eight large lessons over the last 26 years, all of which have happened since my marriage dissolved, each with a different learning with a similar theme though. Some of the people who have come into my world as a result of each of these experiences have changed my world. My outlook and being changed direction as it was meant to. I was given the opportunity to receive great love and friendship. Some continue today, many were just for the lesson and experience.

My learning style is through experiencing. I do not seem to hear it from the spoken word. It needs to be physical and painful to stop me in my tracks so I will take notice, usually through extreme pain. Once we get to understand our learning style it helps us to see why we have to learn in a particular way.

Understanding I am a kinaesthetic visual learner helps me understand me better. I love to support people to find out their own learning style as this then allows them to know why they do things the way they do. Having virtually no auditory style in me, which it appears only 25% of people have, has helped me to learn how to communicate with auditory style better. We all do life in a different way dependent on how we think. Our language, actions, dress style, communication style is different for each. As an extrovert I understand how to work with an introvert who sees the world and communicates totally different to me. By understanding the differences, I can manoeuver my style to suit them. This is called mirroring and thus makes the other person more comfortable.

Are you aware of what your individual learning style is?

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I ask you these questions.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? You may have the traits of both at times. Do you energise yourself or need other people to energise you?

One or two of the following questions will fit you better than the others. Which ones are they?

Do you like to creating a better product or creating a better brand? Do you leading a team or bringing people together? Do you like buying low and selling high or is collecting appreciable assets important to you? Do you like controlling cash flow assets or creating a better system?

Of course there is more to who you are. I have found though that is you understand someone’s thinking style it can make it easier to understand them and relate more effectively.

Learning someone’s sensory style also helps you to know who they are and what something means to them. Are they kinesthetic, visual, auditory or digital? Each style has its own way of hearing, seeing, feeling and doing.

Understanding the language of love of a friend or client can support you to know what is important to them in their life. For example, are they touchy feely or need lots of space OR do they prefer to be praised verbally or given a physical gift OR do they want quality time if you are gift giving, are you giving what you like or what they would adore? This of course reflects on other aspects as well.

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