Living YOUR Purpose

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This seems such a simple question to ask.  Living YOUR purpose is like nothing else you will ever experience.  It will feed you with energy, inspiration and ideas. It will make your soul and heart sing.

So, I ask you, ‘Are you living your purpose?’

my purpose is greaterFor me every morning when I wake up I am aware of how grateful I am of having the opportunity to have another day for me, for my family, my friends and my clients.  On going to bed at night I reflect on the day knowing that I am grateful that I was able to live my purpose yet again.

To be able to be ‘on-purpose’ is a gift.  We all have our own innate gifts that we came into this life with ready to use when the time was right.  Are you aware of what your gifts are and are you using them to their fullest extent?

I believe that the purpose of life is to live it on purpose, knowing what you are doing is what you are meant to be doing.  It can be from the getting up in the morning to the end of the day when you rest and recuperate so you can do it all again in whatever way you can.  For me, being on-purpose is about giving and not getting.  It is about supporting others to achieve what it is that they want and need and by doing this, my purpose is fulfilled.

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Many people have not found their purpose and thus feel empty and confused. Their lives are lacking something that they can’t find and this then leads them often into depression.  I see the world today full of people that I come across who do not know who and what they are meant to be.  For many, it is just too hard and for some, finding how to find that purpose is what will make the difference for them to overcome the confusion that they feel.

If you truly do not know your purpose the first thing required is to become aware that you do not know it.  This starting point gives you the way forward for finding ‘your purpose’.  Then it is time to find the joy that is missing in your life by asking the right questions.  We were all born pure and happy so let’s find that within again if it is missing.  This is an internal process not an external one.

We spend so much of our lives looking at what we see that we are unaware that what is important is totally within us.  We want the simple things and until you find this you will feel unsatisfied, life will feel heavy and hard and sometimes it will be quite unbearable.

We are all in control of our own lives, whether or not you like it or agree with it.  We are responsible for every thought, word and deed we have and until one can become totally responsible for that, we will not be free to be on-purpose.

So, it is time to change!

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This sounds hard until you make the decision that you need to do things differently to get a different outcome.  If life is too hard the way it is now, let’s try another way to make it easier and more comfortable.  At first, as with any changes, it will seem strange, but with daily practice it will become familiar and eventually become the norm.

Once you learn to live life in a positive way your whole experience will be different, once you understand what is guiding you to be who you are.

For me personally, my life changed about 25 years ago when I recognised that I was totally responsible for how I felt, how I managed my life and whatever decisions I made were a reflection of me and who I was.  I was fortunate that in the back of my mind I had memories of learnings from a very young age from my grandmother.  With time I began to understand what she had been teaching me so many years before was her inner and innate wisdom from learned experience.  So, I started to understand more deeply that I was in control of everything in my life and that it was up to me to make happen what I have since created.

I know that at times it is hard to stay on purpose when life gets in the way, or relationships complete, or people become more important.  I have been there and continue myself at times to struggle with this, knowing that I am the one who is creating it to be what it is. I am human and have the same desires and experiences in life as everyone else.  I do know though, that I am responsible for what I do with these.  I can either make it as easy or as hard as I require at the time and sometimes, it is the hard way for me!

I understand that our brain is made up of three different parts, as described by Paul MacLean, a neuroscientist in the 1960’s in his Triune Brain Model.  Today neuroscience has become a model being trained and used effectively in business and personal growth.

The three parts are made up of (a) reptilian part which is instinctual – aggression and territorial, (b) the mammalian part which is our emotional self  – food and sex and (c) the primate part which is our thinking – our perception, planning and conceptual thinking.  Both (a) and (b) are our basic nature as noted by Freud’s theory but the primate part of our brain knows that innately we need to understand the real meaning of our life.

This then brings us to the knowing that inherently we are searching for who we are, where we are going and why we are here.  Most people at some time will be searching for the ‘meaning of life’.  Are you?

The power of purpose, when we really know it, will move through all experiences to find the answer for ourselves.  No matter what and where we find ourselves if we have purpose we will find the strength to continue on no matter the circumstances, as has been proved by victims of war torn countries who have suffered unimaginable inhumanity.

Frankl wrote:  “In some way, suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning, such as the meaning of a sacrifice.”

By understanding our purpose and knowing our values whilst being in integrity with them, we find that we will know what we stand for and believe in, which in turn gives us confidence and self-worth. This is the start to living on-purpose.

To move to the next level of being on-purpose is to then understand your own vision or big picture for your life.  Once you know this and are not swayed by any one thing or person you can stay on your ultimate life goal.

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Living life from the big picture perspective is your macro level of purpose.  This is where the search for meaning happens and becomes your goal. When you are able to know you are on your correct path, regardless of others, you will then be totally on purpose.

By really knowing your values, strengths and passions and then understanding that your purpose is to give and not get is the total secret to life, from my perspective.  This is the secret part that seems to be not there for so many people, especially in business today.  We reap what we sow.  There are no free rides.  We have to make it happen ourselves in our own way so that we integrate and know that we are where we need to be for total congruency of spirit.

Our purpose, like happiness and success is counterintuitive.  It does not seem likely to be real or true when we assess it by using intuition, common sense or our gut feeling.

Victor Frankl once said about service:

“Don’t aim at success. The more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side effect of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the by-product of one’s surrender to a person other than oneself.”

Know in your heart that by giving you will receive, loving will bring love, creating for another will create for you whatever it is you desire.  The feeling of fulfilment when you see another achieve their dreams, especially those you love, is the greatest feeling and gift you can have.

So live on purpose as much as you can and reap the rewards that go with it.

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