Life Is a Wonderous Journey

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One day we wake up and recognise that our life has been full of ups and downs and that we all have our own journey to take. We often wonder why things happen the way that they do, but they just do. We want to change the world, until we realise we can only change our self.


Our life is like a large tapestry with each piece a part that will, by the end of it, be completed. Whenever know what is going to happen, how it is going to happen and mostly, why it is to happen. It will be filled with lessons, hardships, joys and sorrows. There will be celebrations that we want to remember and some that we would rather forget. The special moments that we hold in our hearts are what make it all worth it in the end.

The gift we can have is to share another’s life and experiences. To share their journey and be part ofit with them is the greatest gift. The road will be rocky at times and not always smooth sailing as we experience many challenges, which will be what will make us who we are.

Our life’s challenges will test us and often very severely. There will always be a lesson there for us if we listen hard enough. We will be tested for our courage, our strength, our weaknesses and our faith, not only in our self and others but in the greater power that has given us our life and lessons.

As we stumble along our road of life, we will all have obstacles as we come to the different crossroads of our learning. We will make the decision to take the left or the right road or to continue directly ahead in the hope of it being the correct one to take. As humans, we tend to like to travel the scenic route though instead of going directly where we need to go. All the obstacles along the way are the blessings that will help create us to be who we need to be. Of course, we do not recognise this at the time, as these blessings are disguised in a way that we do not necessarily understand.

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We need to continue to remember that every road we take is our own choice. Sometimes it may be a road of joy and happiness or maybe a road of heartache and sadness. Whatever, it is there for us and our learning, remembering that it is our choice how we react to the situation. Everything can be a positive or a negative and how we handle that outcome determines who and what we are made of. The choice is always our own!

There will often be set-backs, as we are all human, all with our own challenges to overcome. By focusing on the positive we can move through faster and learn the lesson rather than dwelling on the negative and often the past.

Our past is our past. It is gone and we can’t change anything that happened. We have only today to change and become who we want to become. If we wait until there is a tomorrow, that will never come and our life and its lessons will go unlearned creating more pain and sadness in our lives.

Whilst we focus on the negative in our lives we miss out on amazing experiences and people. Everyone we meet has something to offer us if we only look for it. We need to move forward daily and not go back into the past, which hinders us and our own growth. By moving through our challenges and hardships we will become a stronger and better person.

I believe there is no-one who has ever come into my life has been a mistake. There is always a reason that we meet people. We are destined on our life’s journey to find out the purpose so that we can learn the gift that they bring us. Some people only stay a short time, others for a while whilst others stay forever. The meeting of people is like the seasons. They change as we need them to change. Understand the reason and life will become easier.

Life is really one big adventure and game that is about helping us hone our soul. We come with a purpose and when we find that purpose so we can move on with the lessons learned giving us the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

When you understand the affect that people can have on our lives and recognise the blessings with it, your life becomes truly blessed. We do not always recognise it at the time and sometimes the meetings may be fleeting with enough words said to change our direction forever.

Some of our best lessons are gained without us realising it until time has passed and we see the reflection of our learning. Some people will leave a lasting impression that will be with us forever not only in our life but in our hearts as well.

Learn to recognise the people who play a major part in your world. As mentioned, some may only be there for a short time, but long enough for you to gain what they came to pass on. On the other hand, someone may come and change your heart forever.

These are the people who make our journey worthwhile. They bring with them the memories and their own kind of magic that we share that will last in our hearts forever. These are the people who make our hearts sing.

As we get older we have the opportunity to reflect on those memories that become our treasures. These are what stay with us in our hearts and linger with us forever giving us the chance to look backand remember fondly as we age.

When we go back over our life and think about the people who we have treasured we recognise the ones that were special. These are the people who allowed us to be who we really are. They allowed us the space to be really true to ourselves and find the real person inside.

To gain this precious gift that some give us is to gain trust on a level, that is priceless. They give us the ability to really see ourselves without the inhibitions and without the negative self-talk. They open our eyes to see what we never saw before recognising the preciousness of the moments we shared, which never lasted long enough.

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Life is an adventure that we all participate in. Many make it an exciting journey whilst others see it as something that has to be endured. We will all be given the opportunity of others advice and insights as we continue down our road, but in the end, it is up to us to decide which way we need to go. Learning to tune into your body, thoughts and heart will give you the answers that will show you the way to go. Being honest in your interactions and your words is important as we do not always get the second chance to make things right when things go wrong. Living a life with regrets is a wasted life, so do it right first time round!

Our soul earns for us to hear the messages that it has set itself on this journey. Make your life count and become the best you can become. Live a life of joy. Many times we have to face the pain to experience the joy. We can only change our self which will help us become who we were meant to be.

I believe we are all here to live in total JOY. Does your heart sing?

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. Rumi

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