Is Self-Reflection Good for YOU?

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Why self-reflect?  As a human being, for me to grow and move forward, I believe it is an essential part of gaining self-awareness.

We all have the opportunity of self-reflection and exercise introspection. To gain greater understanding of self along with a willingness to learn more about myself fundamentally, I need to go deep to find my own true purpose and essence.

Man, as far back as we have recorded, has searched for the meaning of life, both individually and collectively.  This appears to be a basic activity that we look for, especially in times of need.

As our lives get busier and busier we tend to lose our ability, owing to our so-called lack of time, to question ourselves, our behaviour and our connection to the world at large.  We have become so driven to achieve, what many call success, without recognising that success has many meanings,  thus making our lives fuller than ever before.

I ask you to consider what the word SUCCESS actually means to you as an individual.

Is it money, health, business, the shiny objects that we have to have, connection, love, abundance or something else?  By reflecting and knowing myself better I can support me to understand what drives me to do what I do and why I am as I am.

Self-reflecting is a constant part of my life. It is my conscious connection with who I am and what I stand for as a person.  I use mindfulness, prayer and sometimes meditation.

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I find that I need to question myself often.  To consider who I am, for not only myself but for others as well.  I question how others see me, what I portray, am I living within my values and beliefs and being true to myself firstly.

Life circumstances, health, family and others, business and having pleasure all give us rules.  I question the importance of these for me.  It is up to me to decide why these rules and if they are conducive to me and the way I want to live my life.  I am in control of all my thoughts, actions and beliefs so the outcomes from them are my responsibility.

At birth, I believe, we are given gifts and talents, which when used well will give us our meaning for life.  It often takes many years for some of us to recognise our greatest gifts.  Maybe it is not until we reach a crisis or something similar that we are forced to bring out the very best in ourselves, which can sometimes astonish not only others, but ourselves too.

Whatever we are born to do or be, the opportunity will come when we can no longer deny it.  Often I find many talented people are sometimes the ones who deny themselves the opportunity to shine.  I do believe we are expected to shine and bring the enjoyment to not only ourselves but others who yearn to experience whatever our particular gift in life.

I expect the best of myself and reflect on this daily so that I can be who I was intended to be.  As a late bloomer, who didn’t see who I was capable of being when I was young, I am determined not to waste time denying the God-given gifts given me.

What about you?  Do you know what your greatest gifts are and what you are really here on earth to do?  What expectations do you have of yourself?  You are in control of your life and know what you put forward is your gift to others?

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Whatever you are gifted to do and be, it is something that you need to manage well so that you can always give of your best.  It is important to remember self and your personal needs when you are doing your passion. It is easy to get lost in it and serve yourself lastly.  This is when self-reflection is most necessary. I know this well having struggled with no OFF button most of my life!

I feel that our gifts and talents are our opportunity to do or create something significant and thus leave a legacy for those behind us to follow or learn from as a result. We are all blessed with an ability to be someone special in the eyes of others.  No matter how many others, just knowing that you have made a significant contribution is what is important.  Do you make an impact on others in some way?

Message me if you want to know more and learn the art of self-reflection which is taught through my WAKE UP! by opening to greater awareness.

May you self- reflect well and be fulfilled in all you do and become as a result of the experiences and opportunities life throws at you.

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