Finding Our Own Innate Wisdom

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As doing this and giving ourselves the space and time in today’s society we find it harder as we search for the meaning of life. For most people I have experienced that this quest is something that does not come into itself until we are in mid-life and we find that we need to take more responsibility for who we are and what we have created understanding that the time to live our truth is becoming limited.

Some of the most common questions asked are: What is the meaning of life? What is my life about? What is my life worth to me and to others? What am I meant to be doing to express the greater part of my being? Who am I really? What is my greatness in all of this?

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These are all questions we start to ask when we are ready to find out the deeper side of ourselves. For some this will never come to light and some will never ask. The quest for answers is something that comes as we delve into the ancient wisdoms and answer the question ‘Who am I really?’

I wonder how many recognise the awesomeness deep within their being and if they do, is it acknowledged. When we open up the doors to our true self to honesty, we set ourselves free to become truly authentic. Being REAL is not always easy as our baggage from the past can drag us down and bring self-doubt. We need to move past that and into our true essence by understanding that all our past are our lessons to becoming our true innate self. Embrace the gift of life’s lessons so that we can become a ‘better me’ so that the lesson does not continue to repeat and continue the cycle, not only in our life but in the next generation too.

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We all have our own truth, which is not necessarily other people’s. We project our own truth in every thought, word, feeling and action. Just because our truth is true for us, does not mean that it is truth for another. We are a result of the learning from our early care givers who taught us as they knew life from their own experiences. These were what we needed at the time. As we grow older and wiser we hopefully learn to understand what serves us now, as clear thinking adults, and question the validity in our own world that we have created through our own experiences.

As we grow and discover our own truth and live by it, understanding what is right for us as an individual, we start resonating with others who are like-minded. I have found that my values and beliefs have changed and varied as I have got older as I have modified them to what feels right for me now as I am and not as I was. Our authenticity is our truth. It is something that we feel with every fibre of our being. It I heart felt and not from the head. It is our intuition or gut feel that talks to us and resonates from deep within with a feeling of knowing. The deeper you go into that feeling of knowing, the more you will start to understand your own deep truth of who you really are. Reveal yourself, for you are unique and special.

As adults we all have within us our own hidden fears, doubts and worries at times. By allowing the wise and powerful part of ourselves, our higher self, to show itself in its true light, we can overcome the doubts and fears that often consume us and our lives.

Allow your passions, values, talents, abilities and sense of purpose to been seen by those who have the ability to see them. I find it so very hard to watch those with extreme talent and gifts squander them as a result of their own self-worth and inability to walk through the past. We are unable to change what life has brought us. We only have now, the present. The past is gone and the future is the future. Enjoying what is now and living in moment, instead of the past or what could be, we become free to be who we really are.

Until we really understand our real purpose of why we are here and what we are to do in this life, we will be short-changing not only ourselves but others too, by not showing the world our true unique identity.  When we understand what we are here in this life to do and be, then we will know the importance of leaving a legacy behind, when our time on earth is over.

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I leave you with this one last question to ponder. What do you want people to say about you when you die and your name is mentioned?

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