Do you ‘own’ your life?

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Do you own your life?  This is such a good question for us all to ask ourselves in quiet contemplation.  Our answers can be quite tough and unwelcome at times even though it is important for us to be true to ourselves, without condemnation.

Are you renting your life or are you taking responsibility for it?

For many people they see owning their life from a financial and secure prospective.  I am talking here about really owning your life … owing you in all you think, have and do.  Until we manage this area of our life, nothing else will really work totally so we can be who we really are.

Do you see your wdownloadorld in its full colour, living with excitement and intention?

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To really live on purpose, knowing that you have a legacy to leave after you depart from this earth plane, is to really know yourself and to live your life fully.  Seeing the full colour of our life and the lives of others is a privilege for those who are prepared to go the extra mile, to walk in someone else’s shoes, to remove all judgement and know that filling our own life’s tapestry is the ultimate fulfillment we can have to reach our potential.

The only way we can grow and create our full potential is through unlocking the truth within. If we have been doing some personal developed and started looking at how and what we are, we usually know ourselves enough to know and understand when we need to reflect and take a good look inside, even if we do not want to at times, as this is the only way forward to our own truth.

To own our own life we need to take full responsibility for our own happiness and unhappiness.  When things are now as we want and we are causing ourselves hurt, we need to stop, take some time out and reflect on how we can change what has occurred and happened within ourselves or to others.

We are often unable to see the truth from an outside perspective and if we are unable to see this we need to have it reflected back to us.  This often can happen with friends who have permission to be real and honest.  These are the friends who help you grow and help you take a step back through discussion and reflection.  These are the real friends who support you to see an even better life ahead.

It is quite a normal pattern for us as humans to self-reject at times and be in self-denial.  We see ourselves often from a critical view point and not from a positive one that others see us from too.  We need to step back and take that good look occasionally, owing up to the not so good parts of ourselves and work within to see how we can change the negative into a positive when necessary.  We also need to be ab le to take a look and see all the wonderful positive things that others see in us and acknowledge that these are true of us as well.  Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘what and who do I see?’

d51132d55334e7627a37911f625b16bbThis can be a very hard thing at times to do as we tend to not want to know the negative answers here or find it hard to accept.  We need to look at what the patterns are that trigger us to do and say things that are not useful for our own growth.  As we treat ourselves, we will be treated by others in return, as this is the reflection we put out to the world.  If we do not like what we see, we need to search deep within to find out where this deep seated reflection is coming from and ask ourselves, ‘Is this true and real’?

The internal thoughts that cause us harm, as they are reflected back to us, do not just disappear with time.  They will keep coming back until we own them and deal with them in a healthy honest way. Until we resolve these complex behaviours we continue to repeat, our world will stay the same.  By understanding what forgiveness is all about, for ourselves and others, we are not free from the anguish that is continually created as a result of our own inner conflict.  Resolution is necessary to move forward.

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You, and only you, are responsible for your happiness and unhappiness.  This is such a big one when we are in the negative part of our personality.  No-one else can do this for us.  We need to do it for ourselves with love and by honouring who we are in our own perfection. We are all unique and that is what others see in us.  So allow that beautiful part of yourself to shine and be seen for who you really are.

Once you have taken a deep internal look, worked with it, owned and healed it, you are then free to move forward on your journey of life to learn another lesson awaiting your attention.  The choice will always be yours to move forward into freedom and responsibility for you and your life.

I say, grab it with open arms so that your life can be truly honoured in all areas and lived with the happiness you deserve for yourself.  I dare you to live your life with intention.

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