Creating Our Own Life’s Tapestry

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We are all creating our own life’s tapestry in each moment of life.  As the picture shows we have only filled in some parts of our own tapestry, dependent on how long we have been living and creating who we are.  It is open for us to go where we want and do what our heart’s desire requires for it’s own growth.

Have you ever thought about your own life’s tapestry and how it would look?

In my life’s journey, in the context of a tapestry, I am creating every day with every experience.  Some experiences are insignificant, whereas others are very significant and make a mark on me as a person and often on those around me.

I live my life, as best I can, from a conscious place every day.  Often wondering what brought me to the place I am at or in, knowing that it has been my creation for a reason.

Many of us work in either our own or someone else’s business at some time.  Making a living and building a life can be in different directions altogether though.  Asking ourselves daily, if possible, if what I am doing serves me for the greater good, in the greater picture of life, is important.

It is not just the experience, it is what we do with that experience that counts.  I have had experiences that have shattered me more than I could have ever imagined.  Yet, I am still here, having moved on from the experience, in the best way I can.  What I do, in respect to the things that have happened to me, is to figure out why the lesson, and what is the right thing to do or create as a result of the experience.

Most often the learning lessons of life are painful.  If something isn’t, we usually take it for granted and move on far too quickly, leaving them as memories in the back of our mind, often to be forgotten, and brought up when necessary.  The painful lessons take some time to work through the pain, as do the areas of grieving, all being a necessary part of our own life. This is the way we eventually gain the clarity around what has happened, especially if it is connected to another person.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  When looking back we can always see things easier as we are not attached or close anymore.  It is important to take some time out, to sit still and gain insights into what and why.  We may have had a trip somewhere different that has left an impact and as a result moved us into a different place of thinking and doing. It may have been a relationship breakdown that majorly affected the way we view the world.  It may be a result of a death and the loss was so large that we either made the choice to move forward or get caught up in the story.

Everything in life has or is a story.  This story, for the person telling and remembering, usually has either a positive or a negative part to it.  This is where there is an opportunity to create a different ending, if we want.  It all happens in our mind and thoughts.  We can either suffer or be liberated from the experience. It is all up to us how we want to move forward in the future.

Be still …. Create space …. To gain the peace that we need to move forward.

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