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Contributors Guidelines

Writing Guidelines for AnOnPurposeLife.com Newsletter

* Each Story Word Count should be 800 – 1,400 wordsAn On Purpose Life Guest Posts required

* Your story is being presented to both an international and national marketplace and need to be written from your experience and journey to where you are now from either a business or personal perspective. People want to know how you have become who and what you show/teach today. Your journey is what will inspire them.

* The demographic will be people, more often than not aged from 40 years and above, who are consciously aware or on their journey in life to greater awareness.

* Write to one person at a time in the language you would use if you were talking to that person face to face.

That doesn’t always mean informal language. But it does mean conversational language.

Your story must have:

1) a Tipping Point Idea (and only one idea)

2) an illustrative and moving story – details matter, use “the four U’s”
* Uniqueness
* Usefulness
* Urgency
* Ultra-specific

3) specific proof that the idea is beneficial

4) an actionable takeaway – when the reader is done with the essay they should have learned something and know what their next step is.

5) a lead (your first 75 – 150 words) that follows one the six types: Secret, Story, Promise/Offer, Invitation, Problem/Solution, or Prediction

Here are some questions to guide you when reviewing your content:

  • What is the ONE core thought?
  • Is it exciting? Does it convey a useful emotion?
  • Does it provide a benefit to the reader – implicit or stated?
  • Does it imply or state a useful takeaway?
  • Is the idea well introduced?
  • Could it be better introduced?
  • Are there any words that can be deleted?
  • Are there any clichés that can be replaced?
  • Are there any weak words (especially verbs) that can be replaced with stronger ones?

6) Your submission must be original and created by you (not copied), in good taste, legal, accurate and true, non-defamatory, non-threatening, non-confidential, non-infringing of copyrights owned by others and relevant for this site.

7) we require an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual license to publicly display my submission on AnOnPurposeLife.com.au   Submission of photos or other images is on a non-exclusive basis.

8) your submission should be non-commercial/non-promotional in nature and should not contain commercial web addresses, e-mail addresses or phone numbers. Your details will be available in the author box at the foot of your article.

9) An On Purpose Life reserves the right to reject your submission, or to edit/delete any parts of it that violate this Agreement. An On Purpose Life may also edit to improve clarity (e.g., typos).

10) we are keen to help promote your brand as well, so we will require an Image of you, and the details of your website and social accounts.  We will provide links to these for you.

So the next step is to send via email to jennie@jenniegorman.com.au articles, course information, product information and/or anything else I wish to contribute.

An On Purpose Life has the rights to accept or not accept what is sent in.