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To be consciously aware and bring with it conscious wisdom is the gift we all have with time and experience. To find inner-peace we need to turn our knowledge into wisdom.

wisdom-640x468Knowledge is acquired through study and experienced learning. Wisdom is applying that knowledge into our lives and living the truths that it brings to us at a deeper level of consciousness.

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My grandmother was an incredibly consciously and spiritually aware woman. She was well before her time and her wisdom has made me who I am today. She lived in an environment which did not allow her to truly express what she wanted to express. I believe that she was an Indigo, just as I am, and for her, born too early into a life and world that was not conducive to where her spirit wanted to go.

She taught me so much knowledge as a little girl. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities of her teachings which took many years to resonate and for me to understand by turning the knowledge into my own wisdom. I am fortunate to live in a world that is ready to hear the messages, that is why this site is ready to go ahead.

Having started in business in the late 1980’s talking about spiritual things and having conscious awareness was thought of as out there. We were too far ahead of the crowd for many to hear the message we were doing our best to share. Now, as time has moved on and more and more people are ready to hear, the message is easier to get out there.

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I say thank you for the internet and the opportunities it has brought us to share our thoughts and messages to the world at large. What an incredible gift this has been for us. I am in awe of the chance to be able to talk more freely today than ever before and not be shunned or considered ‘out there’.

Life is but a short journey for us all. We are blessed to be able to realise our inner journey and make the difference we came onto this earth plane to make. There is no limit to consciousness as we are all instruments of both the body and the soul for our own evolvement and self-discovery.

Understanding your own real and authentic self, deep down inside, that all knowing and all loving part of you that is here to do just that by support you to fulfil your purpose in this lifetime.

Knowing our direction and the path our journey needs to take is getting in touch with our own innate wisdom, our intuition that whispers in our ear. Do we hear it or do we need to have the mack truck to get it? My journey as a kinaesthetic learner has had to have the mack truck too many times. Each time has given me another piece of wisdom and love to add to my arsenal of knowledge that moves me through each day.

Without the lessons that I have experienced I would not be who I am today. I am so very grateful for the people and opportunities that come into my life on a daily basis. I greet someone new knowing that there is a purpose there, if I only look and listen well enough.

My purpose is fulfilled though exploration. I have self-discovery daily that I know helps me in my refinement to selflessness. Allowing my ego to drop away and become that selfless person I am here to become. I can ask no more of myself than to become self-contained within in my knowledge of service to both myself and others.

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As I watch and experience others learning their lessons on their journey I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from their experiences too. Not only getting my own insights but the chance to help them with theirs as well.

I am here to serve. The skill is in knowing who and how to serve the ones I need to serve best. This in itself is a journey of recognition and learning. Listening for the messages and getting the timing right is so very important without trespassing.

journey to life

Do you know your destination and what your purpose is in this lifetime? I find many who do not recognise this part of themselves and endeavour to support as best as I can. I learned a long time ago that fast-tracking someone else’s growth is not for me to do. It is all about finding the right timing.

Our directions are different as are our lessons. Allow yourself to find your own right direction on your own inner pathway and be guided with the insights that are signposted for you to recognise when you are ready.

Overcome the personality which I often ego-driven. There is no room for the ego of self-glorificationor self-gratification if you want to connect with the REAL and AUTHENTIC self. Find the inner-self of your own beingness so you can move beyond the mind into the heart.

We are given our own innate gifts at birth, which are our tools for life. It is important to find them, understand them and use them with wisdom. This wisdom comes from deep within our soul and is what guides us to achieve what we want to achieve for our own success.

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Pondering is something that I learned about whilst studying in an ancient wisdom seminary some years ago. For me initially it was what my grandmother and mother did … until I learned the value of doing it for myself to go deeper within.

As we accumulate knowledge, which is only facts and information, throughout our life it is important to gain the insights that this knowledge brings to us. We need to take it deeper so that we can really experience it and its insights in our relationships in life.

Knowledge is the tool, but wisdom is the craft in which the tool is used.

Knowledge can be used to either empower or disempower. If you use this knowledge wisely and understand it by turning it into wisdom, you will evolve as a spiritual being, by becoming wiser and giving yourself an ultimate gift.

To understand the difference between knowledge and wisdom from a deeper level I suggest that you go to

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