Christmas … it is that time of year again to reflect

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christmas-it-is-that-time-of-year-again-to-reflectThe years appear to roll past us so fast these days and often we are left wondering what did we accomplish during the year and did it fulfill us?  This is the time that we reflect as we get ready to take time out, be it for a few days or annual holidays.

We now need to ‘clear the head’ for a short time to consider what has and hasn’t been important to us.  This is our time to have fun with family, friends and celebrate.  We also need to look back and consider, hopefully with no regrets, where we have been and where we want to go.  Knowing that we are in control and have the power to create our future.

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I often feel that nothing much has happened until I think back, look at my diary and consider all the new people who have come into my life, and then I realise I have accomplished more than I had thought.

The people we meet are the ones who spur us onto greater things or pull us back into a rut where we stay stuck.  It is all our choice as to how we react and respond to those around us.

I often say that people come into our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  Being able to comprehend that with each relationship can make where the relationship goes in the future easier.  Over many years I struggled until I got the concept that some people were only with me for a short period of time.  Developing new relationships takes time and effort.  I have always been happy to endure the growing pains of new relationships whilst I discover where they will or won’t go.

This year there have been many new people who have come and gone again.  For some people relationships are just too hard if they have to put in, so to speak.  What I may consider ‘special’ is not necessarily important to another.

All the relationships that have lasted, becoming friendships, are special.  These are the people whom we resonate with, who give something special to warm our hearts and fulfil us to become even better than before we met them.  The sharing, laughter and joy that we create with good happy times is something that many people never really get to appreciate or experience.

For me, my years have been about connecting, helping and supporting, nurturing and loving without looking for the WITFM (what’s in it for me) premise that many come into relationships looking to attain.  People are people, all of whom have had experiences that have been good and not so good.  These experiences have been opportunities to grow and learn, to support us to move forward to becoming the very best we can become.

I ask you to consider the relationships that you have created this year.  On reflection have they supported you to grow and become better?  Even the worst experiences would have given you the choice to find the opportunity in them to develop into an even better you in some way!

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Once we start asking ourselves questions we are able to become more aware of who we are. It is important to self-adjudicate often and question why we do what we do, what do we want and how can we create the outcomes that will sustain us to be a better me!

Life is a journey where we are given an opportunity to create our own life’s tapestry.  Are you happy with what you have created?  Would you like it to be better, more colourful and exciting?  It is all  your choice to create that if you are looking for more.

As another year is about to commence, I suggest that you start writing down what you want from your life.  These can be big or small experiences.  The more you can think of, the better you will become.  What are the experiences you want to have soon or before you die?  Record them no matter how ‘big’ they are.  If you start to think about them you will have the opportunity to create them.  It is all about knowing you want them, who you need to make them happen, what you need to do and how you can achieve it!  Also, ask yourself WHY you want it!

Once you have these answered you are ready to create whatever you desire!

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