Being WHO you are

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Learning to active listen and build rapport is the most important thing we can do so that the other person feels relaxed and comfortable in our company.  I find that I naturally do this when I get into deep discussion and am really active listening to the other person.

Having rapport with someone is about being who you are.  It is being able to meet the other person in a space that is comfortable to them, with them knowing that you are hearing them.

Really listening using a neuro-linguistic process to support us to adopt a similar tone, pitch, volume and speed of voice plus posture and body language is all important to really connect.  This matching them, is very valuable.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication used not only in business but in life too.  Learning how to connect with rapport will make and grow a relationship. This is a skill which is a significant part of our communication, which depends on the above as mentioned..  By matching someone’s tone and body language the other person feels safe, relaxed and able to be themselves.

Living in a world with constant change, is important to be authentic yourself and to treat others in the same way.  We all come from different backgrounds and learnings and to be ‘real’ we need to understand that our way is not the only way.

Are you really actively listening to the other person or are you thinking your own thoughts on what they are saying?

Do you find yourself doing this?

We can do this whilst being true to who we are.  This is not to seek approval but to gain rapport with the other person.  It is not being manipulative but supporting the other person by really listening, learning and hearing their point of view. be it our clients, friends or family!

You may ask me what I mean by being authentic.

I define authenticity as being real and true to yourself.  It is about knowing, understanding and finding your own authentic self and showing that to the world.

Being authentic is a choice.  A choice to be honest, unique, and to be really real with yourself and others. Embrace who you really are.

By understanding yourself, you become more focused in directing your life. You start to know your purpose in life and most especially free yourself from stress, anxiety, and rejection.

Being authentic is all you need to succeed in business and your personal life.

If you want more from yourself and your business tomorrow than you are experiencing today,  there is an opportunities for you to work with me from a coaching/mentoring perspective.

Let’s get you and your business moving in the direction you want.

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