Be More Than Good, Be Great!

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Have you ever asked yourself how others see your business or how you feel about it yourself?  Do your clients say you are good, or do they say you are GREAT?

How do you want your clients and customers to remember you?  What do you want them to say about you in general conversation?

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GREATThese are important questions, so we get an idea of not only how we see ourselves but also how our clients and peers in the marketplace see us.  If you have never asked the questions above, get some testimonials or do a survey to get some feedback.

Ask your clients, what areas or categories they see you good or great in and why do they say that?  This is important for you to decide where you are going and if you are meeting and serving your correct marketplace.

For me, as a small business owner, I do not judge a business necessarily by the amount of money that they create.  I believe it is more on how your clients feel about you and if your services are giving them what is want and require.  Ask yourself who you and your business want to serve?  It is also important to know what outcomes you want from your clients and your services?  If you have a business that employs others, you need to make sure your bottom line is working in your favour as the dollar factor becomes more imperative, so you can pay not only yourself but also your staff.

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It is wonderful to be described as either good or better still great, but what does that mean.  To achieve the title of being great can not only apply to large business, where there is staff and a strong management.  As a small business owner, this can apply to you too.  We are seen on how good or great we are in our leadership skills.  How we connect and hold the vision for our business, no matter how large or small, will show through, too.  We do not all want to have the large company or corporation even though we can still play a big part in changing others to become who they are by what we provide as services and products.

I believe that they only difference in a large or small business is the turnover and the number of people working both on it and in it.  The skills necessary are still the same, just on a different level size wise.

I suggest that you learn who you are, what your leadership skills are and how they are received by others.  If you hold your vision of what you set your business to be, looking at yourself and becoming accountable for the direction you have taken, you can only succeed, no matter your business size.

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It is important that you see yourself and your business as two separate entities so that either can be removed and the business stays intact.  Is this what you set out to do when you started your business?  Or was it to create something that would close when you are no longer there to work it?

One of the things that affects a business, especially a small business, is when the person who heads it gets caught up in the glory of their business.  Staying focussed on an end result without buying into the ‘ego’ will make your business strong and successful.

As a promoter of small business, I have seen over the years people who have had a great impact on others to such an extent that they got caught up in the belief that they were the only ones!  We attract the people around us that we need so that we can help fulfil both our own and others hopes and desires in an area of their lives.

So, what and who do you want to be remembered by when you leave your business?

If you have a business that you want to grow and become a company that is known and respected, I suggest that you read ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins.  This book is also good for anyone is business to learn some good business principals too!

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