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anthony-metivier-150x150“Awesome book by a clear and visionary voice in the world of networking. Gorman doesn’t take the promise of “awesome” in the title either, truly showing you how to take authenticity to the highest possible level.

One of my favorite parts of the book is how Gorman drills much deeper into some of the reference material than others. It’s common to quote Think and Grow Rich, but there’s one Napoleon Hill snippet here that I’d never considered in this light before.

Let’s face it: There’s not much new under the sun when it comes to books of this kind. But there are new angles, new experiences and new heights of thinking you can reach. And you already know that continuous reading is part of the secret. Make sure you add this book to your library and dive in a.s.a.p. You won’t regret having it in your library and I’ve already put it in my memory and calendar for an annual re-read with the best of the best.”

Anthony Metivier –

‘Jennie Gojosierman is one of those rare individuals that you meet once in a lifetime! I am honoured to know such a remarkable woman with the biggest heart and capacity to care and give unconditionally! Jennie has a unique gift which she generously shares in her new book ‘Awesome Authenticity’, which I read from cover to cover in one sitting and absolutely loved it! If you are seeking to excel in business and build long standing authentic connections, this book is for you! I highly recommend it.’

Josie Thomson –

Aaron-Goldwater-150x150‘As you read this book you can hear Jennie speaking in that warm clear voice which gives you absolute confidence that she is speaking from both her heart and her brain. She is sharing 30 years of learning…….and what Jennie does amazingly well is share her knowledge – it is who she is. This book is easy to read and digest. It makes you sit back, reflect and move forward with your life. I recommend this book!’

Aaron Goldwater –

11169166_10207525711120565_3684587498270714421_n‘I have just finished reading Jennie Gorman‘s book ‘Awesome Authenticity’ ! WOW! What a read! The knowledge that Jennie shares in her book is GOLD! This book is a MUST read for all people who are in business….’

Stacey Huish –


20355_289574176274_5381524_n‘Jennie Gorman is nothing short of an exemplary human being, and has a fantastic reputation amongst business leaders in Australia. Whenever I mention Jennie to a business person I know (it seems like everyone knows her), they always rave about her. That’s because she’s an absolute master of creating and nurturing authentic relationships. Awesome Authenticity is a must have business book. It is an inspirational, thought provoking, step by step guide filled with nuggets of wisdom that every business owner must know in order to achieve joy and success simultaneously in business and in life. I have no doubt that if you read ‘Awesome Authenticity’, complete the simple yet eye opening self- assessments, and follow Jennie’s advice that you will catapult to greater success in more ways than you can imagine.’

Natasha Howie –

Tove-vine-150x150I have known the awesome Jennie Gorman for many years and I know of her excellent people skills. I was eager to read her book ‘Awesome Authenticity’. When I started reading the book I couldn’t put it down. It was so exciting to read on every page the enormously useful hints and tips to promote relationships and business opportunities. Jennie is a rare gem in this busy world of entrepreneurs and business people trying to gain some recognition. She shares her knowledge and experience on every page. Everyone can gain invaluable knowledge and expertise by reading her book. I was very inspired by reading ‘Awesome Authenticity’ and I can highly recommend it to anyone who seeks to build relationships. Jennie you are awesome.

Tove Vine –



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