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Jennie-with-new-book-orange-shirtAwesome Authenticity by Jennie Gorman is written with people in small business in mind on how to master business relationships with building trust and integrity.  This understanding the most important part of business growth in the marketplace today, that is changing very fast, as a result of the internet.

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About the Book

Awesome Authenticity in mastering business relationships is about building trust and understanding the importance of  trust and integrity.  Being seen in both personal and business life as ‘REAL’ and ‘ACCOUNTABLE’ is how many successful small businesses today bring about changes with authenticity.


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1.Being authentic is about being REALBeing authentic is about being REAL. I hear you asking, what does she mean by being ‘totally authentic’ and having ‘awesome authenticity’?  To be awesome is to be awe-inspiring and by being authentic in all you say and do, changes the way you are seen by others.  It is important in today’s business world to be seen for who you really are by being believable, trusted and sometimes vulnerable.  I believe that there is no difference between who you are in business or in your personal life.  The basics of who you are needs to resonate in both.

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