As the tide comes in …..

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Sitting above the river watching the tide come in as it is fast becoming its full height I am reminded that we all have the tide come in and go out in our lives continually, just as it does in the rivers and the sea.  Recognising it and making the most of it when it happens and appreciating it is what life is about. 

A new moon a few hours ago and I wonder what the next bit of life will be about, especially as this new moon brings in many new opportunities for us all to grow and have what we want, if we desire it enough.

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1I am recognising that our stubbornness at times stops us from receiving what we could have had. I sit with the cat, stroking her and recognising that it has taken two and a half weeks for her to see what comfort she could have had from the beginning but did not take it in defiance of her family going on holidays.  I recognise that we as humans do this and thus miss out on opportunities that may have been there for us all the time but not taken for whatever reason.

I am curious that we make ourselves suffer or go without because of our own destructive habits that stop us for being or achieving the outcome we so desire. I wonder if this defiance is what we learned as children or is it in the spirit of the being?

As I watch, listen and feel the changes around me, I recognise that life brings us opportunities all the time, even though we see or appreciate them fully only occasionally. We are blinded by what is happening in our lives and thoughts by not focussing on what we could create if we took the time to really see, feel or listen.  We are being given the chances all the time but fail them with our busy lives.

2At this moment I am listening, seeing, feeling and bringing in my knowing.  It is time for change. It is time to bring what is possible into my life. It is time to be the best I can be, if not even better.  It is time to allow these changes to happen in the fullness of their own timing.  Who am I to disregard and not appreciate what is being given to me for my taking?

My life has experienced the ups and downs, the loves lost and won, the opportunities to grow and be stagnant, the blindness not to see what is or was there for me but not taken up. I open to the ‘all that is’ and allow myself and my passion to be open with the ‘all that is’ so that I can be the best instrument that I am meant to be.

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On my many travels I have experienced experiences that many people would have given anything to have had the opportunity to have had for their own growth.  I have seen the wonders and the unseen, the invisible and the visible, the ancient and the profound, the past and the future.  I have felt them all and been a part of them all.  I have allowed the ancient mysteries to come into my life and show me what I have needed to learn and use in right timing when that time was and is right.

Being who I am the timing must always be right and now may not be quite the time for expanding. The people who need to know will come forth when they are ready to hear the message that needs to be given to those who have a thirst to learn.

May you venture forward with the tide and appreciate the ebbing and flowing as it happens.  As long as we are moving, we are progressing. Sometimes it may be going backwards for a while, and maybe this is because it is not quite time to be or go where we were meant to go or be.  The light will switch on when you and all is ready to learn or to see.  Flow with whatever and the strength and fastness of your tide will be decided on what and who you may need to progress to the next part of your journey.

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