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I am fortunate to have the opportunity to leave home and go to my sons where I can sit on the veranda, overlooking the river, and clear my mind of what is going on elsewhere in the world.

As I watch the river bringing the tide in, which today must be a king tide as the river looks as if it is full already and no sign of a turn, yet.  The sun is shining and the reflections on the river take me back to my childhood when I would sit and watch the river at my grand parents house many miles away.  Of course it was not a tidal river but the serenity was the same and the sounds from the trees and of the birds were similar.

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Know thyself, Be thyself, Love thyself - The Delphic OracleReflecting is so very important. It gives us time to ponder.  For me, it is on my life, the experiences I have been fortunate enough to have had (not always fortunate at the moment of them happening, of course) but never the less, I am grateful.  I am who I am today because of these experiences.  Not only the early childhood ones which for me were without too much drama but the boarding school days and the young adult memories along with the ones that were created over the years since.  The loves won and lost, the friendships that have endured the space of time and distance, along with the jobs that I had that prepared me for where I am today and what I want from my life.

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Can you sit back and be thankful for your experiences?  After we heal any experience we then have the opportunity to recognise the wonderful opportunities that have been created because of those experiences.  Without them we would not be where we are today, be they used to create something positive or something negative.  The choice is always our own as to what we do with the learnings.

I was so blessed to have had such strong foundations in my early childhood that have stood me in good stead and which gave me the ability to be the wife, mother and grandmother I am today. Even though my marriage was only for twenty years the basics of strength were there and even today after so many years we are still friends and continue to be whole within our family unit.

downloadI am being called to go back to those early teachings, to pass them on to those I meet who are ready to hear and listen.  For them, the wisdom that I was given is to be passed on in a context that can be given and understood today as the world is so very different now to what it was then.

I feel the information being passed onto me continually as a reminder of what my ancestors stood for, people of such good and high integrity where our word was accepted by a handshake.  Oh, how the world has changed over the generations.  I find today so few people see their word as their bond, as in once was in the past.  We knew we could trust other as honesty was a very high value- belief to most. I ponder at the number of times I have misread people whose values were obviously so very different to mine as a result of their life’s learning and teachings.

When I teach values as a subject I am fascinated at our different interpretations of words and on discussion recognise that we are often meaning the same but the language is sometimes different. Other times it is obvious that their values are at opposite extremes. The importance of our first five major values shows in how we live our lives.  The integral part of our everyday experience shines through as a result of those values.

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So ponder on …. Find out who you are, what you want and where you want to be in the future.  Only by putting into action what we want in the future and believing that we are there can it actually happen in the fullness of time.

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