Welcome to ‘An On Purpose Life’

For all of us, our life is all about the journey we embark on and how we ‘show up’ to the world. I believe it is important to ask ourselves constantly, ‘are we on purpose’ and ‘are we consciously aware?’.

My name is Jennie Gorman and I am proud to be bringing to you a slice of my life and where it has taken me on my conscious awareness journey. I have been walking my path from a self-aware perspective now for over 30 years and look forward to sharing with you my thoughts on life as I see it. Having been fortunate to have had a very wise woman for a grandmother, many of the concepts I work with today were passed onto me by her when I was a small child.

I use my own innate wisdom to guide and support me to help others find their own deeper self-knowledge.  I also feel both honoured and privileged to be given the opportunity to help and acknowledge others on their life’s journey in both their personal and business life.

The aim of this site is to bring together every day experiences whilst gaining more awareness and self-awareness to support and walk our journey in our own authentic truth. In business today, how we do mainstream business from a spiritual aspect is what makes us who we are, bearing in mind the importance of being authentic in all we do.

This site is supporting others on their awesome journey, with a reminder of being on purpose through life too. I do look forward to hearing from you in relation to how you live your life and if the messages here resonate with you.

My personal path has taken me around the world, learning and studying so that I could discover more about me and my inner world. For those who know me, you will be aware that my symbol is the owl. For me the owl represents both the internal and external shadow side, the darkness where we really get to go deep and find our own real truths. Unlike the beautiful eagle, who shows itself in full in the light of day, more like the show pony, the owl can help us discover and develop our own inner world, to set ourselves free.

My purpose is to ‘make a positive difference in the areas of Business, Personal Development and Education, by creating and being an influence in supporting others to achieve their goals for their own growth success.’

If you have read this far, I look forward to supporting you to grow yourself to become the very best you can be.

Blessings to you and your life.


Jennie Gorman being interviewed by Gerald Pauschmann from The Point TV

March 2016

gerald“Every now and then you come across a person who exudes the utmost passion and professionalism in what she does. That person would be Jennie Gorman. When I looked at her profile I noticed that she has some of the most influential people on her list and thought to myself, ‘Jennie would never want to connect with me’ Before long she came to one of my shows (The POINT TV) and we formally connected.

Since that momentous evening, we chatted some more and I invited her to join me on the couch to talk about living an ‘On Purpose’ life.

Jennie is one of those rare individuals that you could be deep in conversation about working on a strategy and later that afternoon you would be sitting down to a couple of beers telling crazy stories. I am richer for having met Jennie and if you have seen her name pass you by….click on that damn link and connect with her.”

Gerald Pauschmann, The Point TVhttp://thepresentationcoach.com.au/

Linda-Hodson“Having spent learning and teaching personal/spiritual awareness for 35 plus years I thoroughly enjoyed the process working with Jennie and her two courses #1 ‘WAKE UP – by opening to greater awareness’ and #2 ‘WAKE UP – by gaining greater clarity’.

This work is an essential component in self-mastery. Opening to the concept that we can create and navigate our way through life other than in a reactionary manner can be life-changing.

Jennie’s intuitive approach to understanding and relating the key steps to the enquirer enable the gentle process of self-awareness to become conscious.  Once there is consciousness there can no longer be a disconnect between the mind and the subconscious.

This non-judgemental self-watching process increases with awareness around our feel good/feel bad reactions.  After a very short time, the benefits of implementing the practical application of the course content becomes a habit.

I would recommend this course to anyone starting their journey of self-discovery and for those who are already on a path.”

Linda Hodson, Meditation Teacher, Antares Association – http://www.antares-association.org.au/

‘WAKE UP! to greater awareness’ – a unique and powerful personal growth program! 
Give yourself a gift by opening to greater self-awareness with this unique programme developed by Jennie Gorman, an amazing woman and my great friend. Despite a lifetime of learning and personal development, I know it never stops because we are at a new stage every single moment. If you are feeling that you have lost touch with the real YOU, this wonderful course may be just what you need!
There are 14 sessions in this personal growth first series which can be taken weekly or fortnightly for the best outcomes. Whether you are new to personal development or have been doing it for many years, the growth is still considerable in moving you forward to greater self-awareness, understanding and fulfillment.
Call Jennie to talk more!

Terri Cooper, National Keynote Speaker for Real Estate workshops and seminars

Jennie Gorman’s course ‘WAKE UP! to greater awareness’ has been a life changing experience for me.
The work in this course is deeply motivating and challenging, and has allowed me to delve into personal beliefs and values and search deeper within myself for answers.
Throughout this course I’ve gained positivity and confidence, greater reflection, and a strong set of skills to stay on track with my goals and dreams.
This course is worth so much more than a dollar figure.  It has helped changed my attitude, my personal experiences and given me a sunnier outlook on life.
Jennie, I appreciate everything I have learnt from you.  Thank you so much for your unconditional guidance and care throughout this personal development.

Anjou Varma, Mater Super


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