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Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

I’ve talked about these over the years and believe them to be true. However, the 6th P is persistence, without which we can falter. Whatever dreams or ideas you may have, without sticking at them and persisting, then you could lose focus and stumble, if not fall!

Persisting and maintaining focus is vital when in pursuit of goals and positive outcomes. Nothing changes either if you fail to take action and do what you know is required in order to achieve your heart’s desire. So, my question is to ask if you know what it is that you want and are you prepared to do whatever it takes in order to achieve.


It takes concentration and sometimes doggedness in order to bring about the success you truly want. Be a dreamer in the first instance and picture what your life would be like, to be in possession of, or simply achieve whatever would turn you on as it were! Bringing your dreams to reality is how many people bring about success. Were you asked as a kid what you would like to do or become when you grew up? Did you have ideas then, and have you stepped into those roles as an adult?

Goal setting is a process and listening to your inner self when you imagine being or becoming whatever you heart desires can be not only be reassuring, but satisfying beyond belief. I’m reminded of Roger Bannister, who was told that nobody could run a mile in under four minutes. His belief was so strong that he not only broke the four minutes barrier, but inspired other athletes to follow suit in the following year.


The Boy Scout’s Motto is, as you’re probably aware, ‘Be Prepared!’ Baden Powell created that, and the Girl Guides, organised by his wife, followed suit. Both those organisations flourished in the 20th century as a result of being prepared to succeed.

Yes, preparation is vital, yet without persistence, then ideas and dreams can fall apart. Keeping on track with our aspirations requires determination and alertness. Questioning yourself as to the next step to be taken is one way of moving forward positively and a to do list, which I came across via Stephen Covey, made me aware to not do everything, but the right things! And a quote by Benjamin Franklin reads,

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.”

Yes, the key is to manage your time effectively in pursuit of your dreams. No good having too many things on your list because that can only cause confusion and possibly have you going around in circles. Personal achievement requires persistence, and getting help from a qualified coach or mentor, could be beneficial.

My mentor was my mother who led me to believe that anything was within reach as long as I persisted.

Thanks mum! Cheers, John


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