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All the articles below were written by Jennie Gorman and are her’s under legal copyright.

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My Life’s Purpose

My Awesome Life

Awareness and Self-Awareness

Casting Pearls Before Swine

Finding Our Own Innate Wisdom

Lead by Example

Reading Between the Lines

What Does TRUST Mean in Small Business?

What is a GURU?

Building Self-Trust

The Crossroads of Life

Conscious Wisdom

Trust Your Journey

Are you in the right business for you?

The ‘Wake-Up’ Call

Resistance … why do we resist change?

Life Is a Wonderous Journey

What a small business owner must be …

“From Little Things, Big Things Grow”

Rediscovering Purpose

Tribes can change the world

GRATITUDE … what is it really?

Where Is YOUR Focus?

NetWeavers are here to serve

The Grieving Process

A Journey of Self Reflection

This Too Shall Pass

Living YOUR Purpose

Why the Owl?

You Can’t Put an Old Head on Young Shoulders

Making a Difference

Do you ‘own’ your life?

Power of Vision

Leadership & Change

As I Sit and Ponder…

Why Trust is Important in Small Business

Be More than GOOD, Be GREAT!

Reflecting on what Life has been

As the tide comes in…


You have Permission to walk away

Who Controls Your Life?


FRIENDSHIP – are you a true or false friend?

Christmas … it is that time of year again to reflect

What can we control in life?

Why Resilence is important in Relationship Building

Why Do Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Creative Expression

Is Self Reflection GOOD for you?

The path of business and life is not a straight line

Are people who you really think they are?

Life’s Perspective

Rejection WHY it hurts so much

What is LOVE really?

How do you define success?

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