How Can I Believe The Law Of Attraction Is Working

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11242614_373052676230729_725224602_nWell there we are, we’ve been spoon-fed into believing that all we have to do to get the Law of Attraction working is to think about what we want and have bright, rose-colored thoughts.

Yes, yes … we’ve done all of that when some things seem beyond our control, but guess what? That is the least likely time to make things happen the way you want them to happen.

Recently I received a distressing email in which a man told me that when he was 10 years old, he was shown in a dream how one day he would have a daughter and she would pass away at a certain age in a detailed way.

He communicated to me that this did, in fact, happen. His plea to me was, “How can I believe the Law of Attraction is working when some things seem beyond my control?”

That got me to thinking on what’s really happening when we have dreams, premonitions or receive a prediction that something (usually unwanted) is going to take place in the future?

Here are three things you might consider:

  1. The Law of Attraction teaches us that everything vibrates and every vibration affects all other vibrations. In essence this means that everything vibrating is a living entity and is communicating, reacting, responding and integrating with us at a higher level.
  1. Time is man-made! It is simply an invention! Believe it or not, time only exists here on earth for we humans. Quantum physics teaches that although everything, every event, every experience, every possibility exists at the same time in the NOW, man has invented time. And guess what? This means the past, the present and the future have no standing in time, there is only the NOW!
  1. Our subconscious mind is unswervingly linked to the Super Conscious Mind (Source, Higher Power, Inner Being, etc, etc) and we are all learning how to interpret this in sequence. Remember, person interpreting this all is the person with their own agenda, fears and ideas about the meaning of this information.

it-is-not-wisdom-but-authority-that-makes-a-law-quote-1I have been experiencing dreams, visions and prophetic words since 1993 – what I’ve found is that ANY piece of information can be interpreted through a filter of fear or love. When it is filtered through fear, it usually brings an ominous feeling to the prediction. When it is filtered through love, the message uplifts, encourages and strengthens people. And the choice is in the hands of the interpreter. I have decided to interpret dreams, visions and prophecies in the most positive life-giving way! Anything less does not feel good to me.

So, my answer to the question: “When my life is spiraling out of control how can I believe the Law of Attraction is working when some things seem beyond my control?” is this: All things are connected at Source. Believe the best explanation you can give to your dreams, premonitions, and all such happenings.

You are in charge of your own destiny, no one else. You make your own future, no one else. Yes, the future can be predicted and even warnings given which alert you to certain things, like if a member of your family was predicted to have trouble at a certain age then you would be able to watch out for his and do something about it. You CAN change the course of history, believe you me I have done it myself!


Stephen Richards

Author, Law of Attraction, Mind Power Pro and Wealth Creation Expert


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