Coaching … what’s it all about?

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Coaching … what’s it all about?

I appreciate that the following article is to do with people employing the services of a qualified personal coach, and am also aware that some time ago I penned similar words in order to alert people to the effectiveness of employing a coach.

The word coaching has been around for many years. It’s no longer the private province of athletes, Olympians and rich sports players. Coaching has become a household word because it is now available to anyone and everyone.

It’s in a book that I published a few years ago and is more relevant today than ever, I believe.

Why is this so you may well ask? I believe the answer lies in the awareness of more people who realise that they need to be better prepared in mind, body and spirit.


Life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching is available for individuals, not just sports people. Affording people the opportunity to step into their own power and realise personal dreams has taken hold in our everyday world. Yes, you may be aware of this having been said before because they have been simply words. Now however, action is replacing the platitudes and rhetoric is taking a backseat to accomplishment. Individuals are succeeding as never before as companies take on a coach for the team or employ a coach for individual team members. It’s important for a team to know the people they are working with: a coach can raise that team awareness. Having a sounding board can help turn potential into achievement.

Effective communication is at the heart of being a competent coach. The vital component in this exchange of words is the ability to listen intently. Also, an understanding of what Albert Mehrabian shared, being an appreciation of not only the spoken word, but the way the words are spoken, which is tonal quality, and finally body language. Believability and acceptability is dependent on these elements being congruent, that is, in them agreeing with each other and thus giving balance.

Coaching … what’s it all about?

Flattery is often a false way to gain support and more often than not, falls down under scrutiny. A competent coach asks quality questions of a coachee to find where he or she is at and where they would like to be in advancement and achievement. Many people have the capacity to ask questions and appear interested in the response while they think of another question, yet the great coach switches off from self-interest and focuses 100% on the client. Only after seeking permission from the client does the great coach offer suggestions gained from personal life experience.

Working on the premise that people have solutions to their own challenges and problems – in many cases – the effective communicator/coach will facilitate by polishing the jewel already within  the client and decide on actions that the client is comfortable with and happy to undertake. There is no need for coercion, intimidation or threats. Resorting to the latter is not coaching.

I know that and would invite you to give me a call if you feel that achievement in your personal journey is important enough for you to have a chat with me.

Kind regards, John


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