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As you may be in no doubt, I love to discuss effective communication. In fact, my sharing of information is dependent on people understanding the value of face-to-face interaction.

Unfortunately, due to the advances via the internet et al, many, if not most people, are now gripped by modern technology, which means that social interaction has changed from face-to-face verbal contact, which embraces words, how we speak the words and the all-important body language, to reliance on the internet, smart phones and other ‘apps’ that distance us from each other.

These modern online interactions, although faster, are replacing significant and worthwhile get-togethers. Texting is no substitute for vocalising. Removing the sound simply reduces the value of the message. Confusion is replacing meaningful communication in many instances because the written words alone, do not necessarily convey the intended message.


How many hours a day are people isolating themselves from the real world I wonder? Or is that a case of my living behind the times? Where is the emotional value in texting? How can we build lasting relationships with words alone?

Furthermore, I believe that because of so called advancement in technology, individuals are becoming isolated from what we truly need: physical interaction for better understanding.

How difficult is it becoming for people to do without mobile phones or computer interaction I wonder. Not do without completely that is, yet not to over rely on them as fixtures on their person. I imagine that many people feel under dressed without these appendages.

Yes, I’m concerned with today’s ever increasing, so called advancement. My preference regarding the phone is to speak to people and yet I’m receiving more text messages than ever… are you?

I’m concerned because my firm belief is that we need to at least speak to people and hear vocal inflection if face-to-face is not possible.

This brings to mind the importance of health, which for me has always been vitally important, and I enjoy a regular morning walk. It amazes me to see other walkers distracted from their exercise or healthy activity, and not concentrating on the most important person in their own life… themselves!


A good coach can help people to step into their own power and be assertive through confident verbal communication and be assertive without relying on, and often hiding behind, modern day barriers to social interaction. If you feel that you’ve become addicted, then read on.

A few suggestions on how to establish valuable and meaningful connections.

  1. Detach yourself from your ‘useful’ appendage now and again on a daily basis.
  2. Ask meaningful questions to people and shut up for their reply.
  3. Maintain eye contact if asking how they are, and wait for their response.
  4. Be curious and fascinated in others to show that you really care.
  5. Accept that their opinions might differ from yours – avoid argument.

If you would like to improve your connections with people generally, or individually, then remember that practice makes………… permanent! Practice the right stuff. I’d love to help.

Kind regards, John


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